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11 Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners That Pay $20+/Hour

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The freelance writing field is growing, and 83 percent of writers see themselves writing for another five years because they enjoy getting paid to write.

If you want to join in but don’t know where to start, this is your chance to start making money.

Becoming a freelance writer has changed my life in more ways than one. It has given me the flexibility to pursue my passions, more time to spend with family, and the resources to improve my finances.

That’s why we have the best freelance writing jobs for beginners all here for you. So you can change your life, too.

Near the end of this guide, we’ll also give you the best places where you can start your freelance career today.

Best Freelance Writing Job Sites for Beginners

woman working on a laptop computer near an open window at dawn

We’ll list the best job sites you can start with when looking for work. These sites can help you find businesses that will jumpstart your freelance writing career.

Just make sure that you only apply for the jobs that are right for you. You shouldn’t apply for everything.

However, you’ll need to do your research before you get started. One of the biggest challenges for freelance writers is finding work.

You can use job boards, freelance marketplaces, content mills, social media, and even websites that accept submissions to get started. Before you know it, you’ll be receiving referrals and repeat clients.

But for now, you have to start somewhere!

Check out these sites to find freelance writing jobs for beginners:

1. FlexJobs

flexjobs homepage

FlexJobs is a great place to find work that fits your schedule. Whether you’re looking for part-time, full-time or even entry-level writing, they have it here.

You can be sure of their legitimacy because all freelance writing jobs have been screened through a vetting process.

Flexjobs requires users to be on a subscription-basis with their service. It’s not free, but it also gives solid job listings for anyone who is looking for some reliable work.

2. Upwork

upwork project catalog

Upwork is one of the most well-known freelancing websites. It posts jobs for many different types of service offerings.

However, it’s also a great platform for you to find freelance writing jobs online with no experience in your respective category. 

You can apply for jobs at any level of expertise, and the requester will decide on the person they’d like to hire based on your proposal.

Based on your profile, employers can also request to speak directly with you about a project.

3. ProBlogger Jobs


ProBlogger Jobs is one of the best freelance writing job boards on the internet. Jobs here are legitimate and well-paying, so you can find a gig that fits your needs from a quality company.

The variety of jobs at ProBlogger Jobs is immense. If you have any type of experience in a field of interest, you will find it here.

4. Freelance Writing

freelance writing

Freelance Writing has something specific to your strengths. They have what they call the Morning Coffee – a newsletter you get every Tuesday.

In this newsletter, they provide their eight best writing job offers and other jobs when available.

The newsletter has been running for the past 21 years, so it’s a well-known resource. If you don’t want to wait for the newsletter, Freelancewriting.com has their jobs boards available.

They also have many resources that can help you improve your writing.

5. BloggingPro


BloggingPro is a job board like ProBlogger but with far fewer resources than the others. It’s a great place if you’re only looking for a job and nothing more.

It allows you to differentiate between locations, freelance writing job categories, and even keywords.

What makes BloggingPro great is that it’s straightforward. If you need a job, they have jobs listed for you and you can be sure they’re legit.

6. LinkedIn

Linked In

LinkedIn looks like it’s a cliché but it gets the job done. Many content writers connect with companies and corporate individuals on this platform, many of which look for freelance writers.

Much like any job finder, LinkedIn is network-based. You need to have a good, solid network to apply for available jobs. It’s not an exclusive writing job board, but it could provide you with quality leads.

7. Freelance Writer’s Den

freelance writers den

Freelance Writer’s Den is one of the biggest resources for serious freelancers. Here, you can access a subscription model that provides resources, contacts, and job listings.

The jobs are pulled from the best sources like Indeed and FlexJobs.

What makes Freelance Writer’s Den awesome is the resources. They provide writing boot camps, webinars, and even live training for a monthly fee.

8. Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs, the former freelancewritinggigs.com, is a long-term resource for online writers.

They have a community-driven blog of the latest freelance writer jobs available. They offer resources that are nothing to scoff at, too.

Their job listing blog has a vetting process, with positions coming from the best on the internet.

9. Craigslist


Craigslist is a great place to find a writing opportunity. The upside? You’ll find peculiar but also great writing opportunities here.

The downside? It’s Craigslist- anyone can post looking for freelance writing and not be a legit job offer.

There’s no vetting; you’re not sure about the legitimacy of the jobs, so it’s crucial to do your due diligence.

10. Freelancer.com


Freelancer.com is another solid online writing job board. They provide different open writing jobs per week, with handpicked choices from other sites.

It’s a free list, so all you need to do is look around for what freelance writing opportunities fit your experience and interests.

11. iWriter


iWriter is one of the most accessible writing gig sites online. It’s a great place for beginners and all you need to do to access it is to pass a basic writing test.

There’s a rating system for the writers once you start completing jobs, so you need to provide consistent, solid-quality work.

The problem with iWriter comes from its low starting rates. If you’re a strong volume writer, however, you’ll rise up the ranks quickly enough.

12. Guru


Guru is a site where you can make a profile of your experience, samples of your work, and the services you offer, and the potential clients come to you!

However, you can still search and apply for freelance writing jobs like many other platforms. You’ll bid on a project with a proposal and how much you’d like to be paid to complete the work.

This site is unique because they allow you to showcase your previous work to go along with your proposals.

They also send you job matches every day for client requests that align with your expertise. However, you’ll want to keep in mind the extra fee of roughly 10% that Guru takes off your total job earnings.

13. Indeed


Indeed is another job board that is very similar to Craigslist, as it has thousands of listings.

However, you’ll need to do some digging to find freelance writing jobs, and beware that some of them may not be 100% remote positions.

14. Social Media

Researching Google and social media

Social media is another great place to connect with clients looking to hire freelance writers.

There are many Facebook groups in place just for this purpose.

Additionally, check out these Reddit threads to find opportunities /r/HireAWriter, /r/ForHire, r/freelanceWriters, and /r/WritingOpportunities to look for your next client.

You can also follow these Twitter profiles: @Write_Jobs, @WhoPaysWriters, and @JJobs_tweets.

11 Best Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

young woman starting to work freelance writing job on a laptop computer

Freelance writing is a great way to make money fast for those who want to work from home, earn extra income on the side, or even for stay-at-home moms.

We’ve gone over all the different freelance sites you can use to find jobs, but if you want to get more freelance writing jobs, you should consider the types of freelance writing you can offer services for.

Here are the best 11 writing careers you could start:

1. Blog Writing

Becoming bloggers has changed our lives for the better- we have a fulfilling job, that makes us happy, and it helps us make 6 figures a year from home!

So, believe me when I say it’s one of the most unique jobs! As a blogger, producing regular content for readers is of the utmost importance, and clients may need help keeping up with their content schedule.

If you want to succeed in blog writing, you need to find a niche that you are passionate about. Many successful blogs get their visitors from the ability of the writers to be engaging.

You can only do so if you can show authority in the field you are writing about. Find companies within your interests and your skills. 

If you’re looking to become a freelance writer for bloggers, start with job boards. There’s almost always a company that needs a blogger for every niche, so you’ll likely find one quickly.

2. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is one of the most common writing jobs online. As the name implies, you will write content, blog articles, or even literature and receive zero bylines for it. All the credit will go to the person or company who hires you.

Most ghostwriting gigs will be well-paying, but many would need you to specialize in a specific niche. If you’re writing literature, many clients will have detailed requests on how to write for their genre.

Remember that while ghostwriting is a great option, it will be harder to build a portfolio from ghostwriting.

Many people who hire for ghostwriting will also use non-disclosure agreements (NDA). If they enjoy your work on the project, however, many will be consistent, long-term clients.

Weigh out your need for bylines and your need for long-term pay and experience. 

3. Content Writing

Sometimes, businesses don’t need freelance writing for just blogs. Some need static content, so being a content writer can be a great job that pays well. What does a content writer do?

Some content writing jobs hire writers to fill up their website pages. It doesn’t have to be marketing-centric, but it needs to help the pages improve their SEO rankings.

Again, you would want to write for a company whose content you know or are passionate about.

4. Copy Writing

Writing copy is a term that refers to writing page by page content with a specific goal in mind. This can be for Google Ads, marketing calls to action (CTA) or even sales and promotion. The difference is that the goal for copy is always to generate a return on investment (ROI).

When writing copy, you’ll need to write short, concise but convincing content. You need to make it hard for the reader to put down by providing a compelling take. Your goal is to sell and reach the company’s goals, whether it’s for more traffic or to boost their ROI.

5. Email Marketing Writing

An email list is a company’s pride and joy. It’s the one thing that can not be taken away from them as algorithms change on social media and Google. It’s also a huge way to monetize a business.

Clients may need help writing content for launch emails, sales funnels, and newsletters, to name a few.

You should get to know the popular email providers out there like MailChimp, ConvertKit, and Active Campaign.

Also, become familiar with how the type of email and writing style engages with customers and leads.

6. eCommerce Descriptions Writing

One of the best writing jobs for beginners is writing eCommerce descriptions. These are solid writing gigs that ask freelancers to optimize descriptions of product listings. It helps a client’s audience find their products easier, especially in a sea of merchandise.

Every eCommerce platform has its own search engine optimization but the same algorithm. Almost all descriptions are interchangeable, especially between Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and more.

The goal is not only to use the right keywords but also make your content easy to read.

Focus on trying to sell the product’s benefits instead of features. Keep the descriptions short and to the point to make everything clear to the reader. If you have a long description, divide it into shorter bullet points.

7. News Writing

newspapers with catchy headings

Much like blogs, there are many news sites that need writers for the niche they are writing for. They tend to focus on specific areas, so having a niche interest can help you here. Many times, news writing sites also offer self-help advice to their readers.

If you plan on writing for news sites, you need to be willing to connect with their community. Industry news needs people who are willing to network with others in the field.

You would also need to keep up with what’s happening in the world so you can quickly report the latest scoop.

Be keen on research. The majority of this job revolves around willingness to dig into details. Find ways to create a network within the community as it helps you become a great news writer.

8. Corporate Copywriting

If you have experience doing corporate work, businesses hire freelancers for copy jobs. Corporate copywriting jobs hire writers to produce unique content both for internal and external use.

Theses jobs can include creating brochures, promotional content, and even employee manuals.

For corporate copywriting, expectations can vary. Some companies have certain expectations of their corporate writers. Some expect they are familiar with corporate work and some don’t.

It’s best to pursue this type of writing if you have a solid background in business writing first. Learn the job from the inside and adjust your writing as needed.

9. Grant Writing

Grant writing is one of the more in-demand writing jobs online. Grant writers research, write, and coordinate around grants. It’s your job to connect with government agencies to gain funding for your potential clients.

The process sounds simple but it involves many different details. You need to make the application compelling enough to discuss reasons for funding.

You want to describe the applicant, their intentions, and their expected breakthroughs.

In many events, grant writers would also need to do the follow-up. You would need to handle everything until the grant’s release to the applicant.

It’s even a possibility to get a full-time position as a grant writer but there’s more availability for freelance positions.

10. Technical Writing

Technical writing can mean many things in different industries, so a background in technical work is a crucial starter.

technical writing jobs usually involve providing instructions and information to get things done, put things together, etc.

Some technical write-ups include writing manuals or creating how-to’s for a specific product. Many technical writers need to have an eye for detail and understand how to break down processes.

You will want to put your focus on the job at hand and learn how to explain the details. A good technical writer can explain expert-level processes and simplify them for users.

It can be lucrative and there’s always a need for technical writers.

11. Creative Writing

Looking for something with a bit more creativity? Creative writing jobs have a lot of variety on topics and niches, so whatever interests you have, you have the potential to write on them.

Many companies who look for creative writers almost never hire full-time, though. They typically pay handsome amounts of money for submissions that they can publish.

Creative writing gigs can have different varieties. The job can be anything from poetry, short stories, screenplays, and even greeting card content.

Someone who has the ability to captivate readers and bring them joy has a great chance of making it in this type of freelance writing role.

Making My Income with Freelance Writing

Woman holding money she made from her quick side hustle

After college, I worked in the financial services industry as a licensed broker. I was proud of everything I had learned, the skills I had gained, and the license exams I had passed.

So much time and effort had gone into my career. However, I wasn’t happy.

The job was beyond stressful and inflexible. I was burnt out and depressed.

Big Changes

Obviously, something had to change. After over a year of debate and discussion, I finally made the move to quit my job in July 2019.

This was extremely difficult and had us worried about losing a paycheck, but we were determined to make it work.

Luckily, our smart financial decisions over the years, a solid emergency fund, and my husband John’s stable job allowed me to make this jump.

During the last four years, John and I have been working on a business consulting side hustle that has made some traction.

So my freelance writing career was in it’s infancy stages, ready to grow strong!

We acquired skills from a previous job that make us capable of helping growing businesses with marketing like Facebook ads, social media, web design, online retail and more.

My idea was to scale this business from our side hustle to my main hustle. How did I do it? I added freelance writing to our line of services.

As a result, I picked up a client that needed an array of articles written every month along with our services.

This one client sent me over the edge to replace my income in only two months, and I look forward to scaling it moving forward.

The Outcome

It’s funny how things work themselves out. When I was little, I loved writing! I would write short stories in my free time and even got a few published in those children’s compilation books growing up.

I’m using years of finance training as a freelance writer. Mind = blown!

I couldn’t be more blessed that such a stressful time in our lives turned into a positive experience.

Now, not only can we keep up our savings rate in pursuance of financial independence and early retirement (FIRE), but I am living the life I want.

I have the flexibility of working from home and making my own schedule with freelance writing. Because John’s job is uber flexible, we can now travel when and where we want.

My mindset has completely changed in such a short amount of time. I am overjoyed and appreciative to be completing the work I am every day. I’m finally pursuing my passions.

I gained all of these things just by becoming a freelance writer. Now, I want to give you the knowledge that you need to make the same positive changes in your life.

FREE 10,000 Word Trial

Skills You Need To Be a Freelance Writer

Stay at home mom working on her business with her baby in the background

You may find it hard to believe that you don’t need experience to become a freelance writer, but it’s true.

The most important thing is that you are delivering the most value possible for your clients. However, there are a few skills that you will need in order to be a successful freelance writer.

Attention to Detail

Writing is a complex and time-consuming task that requires your complete focus.

Without strong attention to detail, you’ll miss simple spelling and grammar mistakes that could easily have been caught. This could be the difference between a returning client or a one-time job.

Grammar & Spelling Skills

Freelance writing call for many different tools to double-check their work. Plugins like Grammarly can help to take your writing to the next level.

However, you’ll need to have confidence in your grammar and spelling abilities to be a successful freelance writer. You can’t just rely on tools to make your writing professional!

Even as a beginner, your clients always look for high-quality work, and the better your work, the better your pay can be.

Strong Research Aptitude

If you are an expert in a particular niche, writing articles may come effortlessly to you. However, others will not and you will need to complete research through reputable sources.

You need to be able to efficiently narrow down the best sources to make your articles as accurate and comprehensive as possible. Not to mention, you need to be able to utilize this new knowledge in a completely original way.

Ability to Adapt

As a freelance writer, you have the potential to serve many clients. It’s important that you are able to seamlessly adapt to each client you are working for.

Every business will have their own format and way of doing things, and starting a freelance writing business is no different.

They may even have a blog already running, so it’s essential that you have the ability to make your work as cohesive to existing work as possible.


woman at desk

While working from home is a luxury, it can also come with its downsides. Many people struggle with staying focused and organized so that they can keep on task.

As a freelance writer, you will want to make sure that you are self-motivated enough to get the job done and meet deadlines.

This is even more important as a beginning freelance writer so that you can build up a dependable reputation and positive references.

Confidence to Sell Yourself

You won’t be able to find clients if you don’t have the confidence to sell yourself!

Make sure that your pitches highlight how your strengths would be beneficial to the project. Even as a beginner freelance writer, you should go over your prior experience and highlight what transferable skills you have.

Also, customize your pitch to fit the needs of the job you are applying for. If you show confidence that you can complete the project, your client will have confidence in you as well.

What Should You Expect to Make with Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners?

Freelance writers have flexibility in terms of how they charge their clients. Many choose to accept either a flat rate, per hour, or per monthly retainer when working on their assigned articles.

The salary for a freelance writer is also highly dependent on the following factors:

  • The type of writing needed
  • Research required
  • Word count
  • Your experience and demand

Check out this comprehensive study on how much freelance writers get paid based on demographics and experience.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2018, the median pay of “writers and authors” was $62,170 per year and $29.89 per hour for those that work full-time.

Now, keep in mind that the median is the middle number, not the average. So, half of those with this profession make less than that.

However, earnings increase with experience. You earn what you make of it.

Freelance writing is great for someone who wants a part-time job or even someone who wants to make it a full-time income.

A person who has been freelance writing for a while can easily scale this from a side hustle into their full-time income.

Your earnings potential is unhinged! Some people are even able to exceed the six-figure mark.

How To Get Freelance Writing Jobs with No Experience

laptop computer near an open notebook and cup of coffee

Starting a new adventure in freelance writing can seem overwhelming for a beginner. Success certainly doesn’t happen overnight or after a few writing jobs.

Even I had years of side hustle experience before I had a lucky break as a freelance writer. However, there are many things that you can do to start off strong.

These tips on how to get freelance writing jobs with no experience are bound to make your job hunt easier.

Pick a Niche

In order to be successful, you’ll need to determine what niche you’re good at writing in. 

Without passion and knowledge, it will be difficult to produce quality content. You also don’t want to focus on too many different topics all at once.

It’ll be more lucrative for you if you become an expert in a specific high paying niche or two.

Create a Portfolio Sample and Blog

One of the most important things you can do as a beginning freelance writer is creating a portfolio for your work. This demonstrates your skills as well as shows clients you’re able to do blogging jobs.

Try out a portfolio like Contently to showcase your work. You’ll want to provide samples that closely align with what your potential clients are looking for.

In lieu of a portfolio site, you can even create your own website that you contribute regular blog articles to. This can help you start building toward your own business while you’re doing freelance writing for other companies.

It can also act as your portfolio for future project proposals. Make sure that you include a “Work with Me” page so that potential clients and referrals have a way to reach out to you.

Overall, blogging will help you to establish credibility and authority as a writer in your niche. Make sure that you publish regular content, though!

If you want to start a blog and don’t know where to start, check out The Savvy Couple’s Bloggers’ Secrets course for help.

Once you get your blog up and running, they’ll teach you how to create purposeful content for your avatar that you can market to drive traffic.

Another useful step that you can take to get your name seen in the freelance writing community is to add yourself to a directory.

Take a look at some of the following:

Stay Active on Social Media

To get your name out there, make sure you create social media accounts. Staying active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn will be essential to gaining clients.

By posting regular content, you’ll be able to exemplify your brand and authority as a writer in your niche.

Make sure that you share related content in your industry as well so that you can show that you network in the field and are active in keeping up with the latest information.

Network with Other Writers

When you’re getting started as a freelance writer, one of the best things you can do is to network with other writers.

Building a community of supporters is essential to staying relevant in a competitive market. Your connections could lead you to tips and tricks from other writers.

If someone doesn’t have the capacity to take on more work, or even doesn’t write in a particular niche, they are more likely to recommend you if you have networked with them previously.

Become an SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important skills to have as a freelance writer. Some writing jobs require SEO as a minimum requirement even to apply.

Your clients want their businesses to be seen, and the best way to do that these days is by writing for their audience. In turn, you are essentially writing for Google to rank your article.

Try taking Stupid Simple SEO to learn everything you need to know about making your writing search engine optimized. It will make you more marketable to clients as your content will see more conversions and results.

Free SEO Masterclass

Get the Best Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners Now

Woman holding money while using a laptop

Finding freelance writing jobs for beginners is a loaded task. You need to understand your own abilities and find the industry that works best for you. It’ll take work to get yourself established as a reputable go-to writer.

However, if you want to start writing soon, read up on these resources and find freelance writing jobs for beginners today.

There’s never going to be a better time to start your journey to freedom and flexibility in the work you do.

This article was written by Sam the co-owner of How To FIRE, a blog that discusses financial independence and early retirement. She uses her B.S. in Finance and MBA to help others get control of their finances through budgeting, saving, investing, side hustles and travel hacking.

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