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13 Best Jobs That Pay $100 An Hour: Making Higher Pay

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Why not aim for the top if you want to make more money? You could start a career that pays $100 an hour!

As a blogger, photographer, and more, you can earn $100 an hour and earn passive income or work less to spend time with your family.

You could work less and make an excellent salary, or work just as much as you are now and try to reach millionaire status sooner.

Some jobs that pay more will require more training, degrees, or experience, but there are some that you can start as a newbie and make thousands per month.

Here are 13 high-paying jobs that pay $100 an hour or more:

Quick Picks

It’s important to know the best jobs with the highest hourly wage, so before we get into our whole list, here are the top-earning careers with the best hourly wage:

  • Highest Pay (With Degrees) – Doctor
  • Most Passive Income – Blogging

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13 Jobs That Pay $100 An Hour

Finding a job that pays $100 an hour isn’t impossible, and you could earn a significant 6 figure salary even if you work less.

Working 40 hours per week means over $200K a year. This is an excellent salary by most people’s standards, and

And don’t forget, some people who make $100 an hour don’t always work 40 hours a week, which is what we love about our blog!

You could also work 20 hours per week to earn $100K per year or 10 hours per week to make over $50K per year, leaving more time for you and your family.

Here’s our list of 13 jobs that pay $100 an hour or more to help you get started on your job search:

1. Blogger

woman smiling at laptop and holding coffee

Average Pay: $1,000+ per month

If you’re looking to be your boss and get paid handsomely for your time, starting a blog is the best option in our book!

You could potentially earn $100 an hour or more from blogging and develop passive income throughout the year with quality content.

Blogging has allowed us to make a great living while working from home and spending more time with our family.

I quit my full-time job to run our blog, which has been life-changing for us as it skyrocketed- enough that Brittany could become a stay-at-home mom and work on the blog with me.

Though it may sound like a dream, earning $100 an hour from blogging takes work. It takes time, energy, and consistent effort to obtain success.

You’ll need to bring in enough traffic to generate income from your blog and choose the right monetization methods. There are many different ways to make money from your blog, such as:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Creating and selling your products or courses
  • Running display ads on your blog 
  • Writing sponsored posts

Education Requirements: No degrees or formal education is needed, but basic writing and editing skills are necessary.

Launch Your Blog Biz is a great course that can help you set your blogging business up correctly so that it can start making you money as quickly as possible.

2. Freelance Writer

Average Pay: Varies depending on experience and client

Working as a freelance writer is a great way to make $100 an hour. Many online publications and blogs pay good money for quality articles.

While your hourly rate will vary depending on the client, you could easily make $100 per hour if you are a quick writer.

Most freelance writers start out charging $20 -$30 per hour, but charging per word can give you a better yield.

Many experienced writers earn more than $0.25 per word, so that a 1,000-word blog post could get you $250. If you write that article in 2 hours, you’ve made $100 an hour.

Education Requirements: While an English degree may give you a slight edge, many writers have succeeded without one. A high school diploma is all that’s needed to get started. 

Want to learn more about freelance writing? You can find more information in a FREE workshop by Earn More Writing!

3. Photographer

Average Pay: $33,534 – $56,889 per year

Freelance photographers capture memories or document events like wedding receptions, birthday parties, converts, or other events. 

Whatever the event, your job as a freelance photographer is to be the one who beautifully captures it all on film.

Many photographers will charge $2,000 for a 5-hour wedding for 2 photographers- that’s $400 per hour for two people!

Other photographers work in a studio and charge $100 – $200 per hour for a photo shoot.

Another way you could make $100 an hour as a freelance photographer is by taking feet photos and publishing them on a site like Fun With Feet.

Feet photos are always in high demand, and you could make a killing just by snapping pictures of feet!

Education Requirements:

Freelance photographers don’t need a formal education, but a specialized training program can teach you the basics of photography and editing photos and get you on your way to fun jobs that pay well!

4. Interior Designer

Average Pay: $30,084 – $58,977 per year

Interior designers design spaces that are pleasing to the eye and make practical use of every square inch. You can work for an architecture or design firm, helping create designs for inside homes or hotels.

They plan out all the details, from decorating choice furniture pieces to ensuring enough light in a room – even choosing what types!

An interior designer also picks carpets, wallpaper, artwork, fake plants, and anything else you may find.

Education requirements:  Most interior designers have a Bachelor’s degree to start off their career.

5. Tattoo Artist

couple holding pointer fingers, their fingers have matching anchor tattoos

Average Pay: $50 – 250 per small tattoo

A tattoo artist is an artist who applies permanent designs to the skin, generally with the use of needles.

You can decide what styles you like to do, but most artists charge per tattoo rather than per hour, with a minimum of $50 for a small tattoo.

So if you do a small tattoo on someone’s leg, like a sunflower my friend just got, you could charge $200 and split that into 2 one-hour sessions to get the outlines and coloring done.

That way, you get $100 per hour for that tattoo.

The bigger the tattoo, the more the work, but you can decide how much to charge, making it totally possible to make $100 per hour as a tattoo artist.

Education Requirements: Tattoo artists need a state license, as well as CPR training and other certifications to work as a professional. Here’s a link to tattoo artist requirements so you can learn more!

6. Life Coach

Average Pay: $25,142 – $53,774 per year

When people think of life coaches, they often picture a career coach who helps people achieve their professional goals. However, there is much more to coaching than just business advice. Life coaches can specialize in many areas, from relationship counseling to wellness and fitness.  

There are many different life coach specializations you can choose from that pay $100 an hour.

Educational Requirements: There’s no formal education to become a life coach. However, you can take courses on SkillShare to get training and establish your career. 

7. Orthodontist

Average Pay: $97,476 – $207,948 per year

Orthodontists provide dental care services to children, focusing on correcting misaligned teeth and jaws.

They may prescribe dental equipment like braces or expanders to help with this process.

They also offer tips on good dental hygiene practices and how to avoid overcrowding of teeth in children’s mouths to avoid needed dental equipment like braces.

Education requirements: You need formal education to become an orthodontist and pass dental exams. This includes four years to get a Bachelor’s Degree in science, then three more years in dental school, followed by a residency.

8. Doctor

Average Pay: annual salary varies with doctor specialty

Doctors focus on patients’ physical and mental health conditions and emotional well-being. They can choose to specialize in different areas, affecting the type of care they provide.

For example, a doctor in private practice may focus on preventive care, while doctors in out-patient clinics may focus on pain management.

Regardless of their specialty, all doctors strive to provide the best possible care for their patients. They do this by monitoring their patient’s vital signs and keeping track of their health history.

Education Requirements: The requirements for becoming a doctor vary from state to state. All states require potential physicians to graduate from an accredited medical school and finish residency training in the specialty they plan on practicing.

9. Dentist

Confident female doctor posing in her office and smiling at camera, health care and prevention concept

Average Pay: $72 – $114 per hour

Dentists care for patient’s teeth, gums, and other aspects of the mouth.

Their medical practice includes using precision instruments such as scalpels, lasers, drills, and brushes. They also utilize x-ray machines to diagnose patients.

Educational Requirements: A Doctor of Dental Surgery degree is required to practice the science of dentistry, plus passing exams and other certifications. To learn more, check out how to become a dentist from this article.

10. Massage Therapist

Average Pay: $44,528 – $71,65y per year

Massage therapists help their clients relax and heal by loosening up their muscles and body tissues.

Massage therapy can also improve regular circulation, reduce stress levels, heal injuries and boost the immune system.

Massage therapists who charge $100 per hour generally work in private practices in cities like Dallas, New York, and Los Angeles, where there are more high-paying clientele.

Education requirements: To become a certified massage therapist, you must take and complete 500 hours of classes at an accredited massage school.

11. Software Developer

Average Pay: $62,277 – $88,555 per year

Software developers are responsible for creating new software, ensuring it works properly and fixing any problems.

Most software developers are good at math and computer programming. They are also able to pay attention to small details and solve problems.

Software developers are in high demand, so many good-paying jobs are available with an excellent average annual salary. You can work for an organization or freelance and work on your own time. Freelancing usually pays more money.

Education Requirements: To become a software developer, you must earn a bachelor’s degree. The preferred area of study among employers is software development, but some companies will also accept degrees in computer science, computer programming, and related disciplines. 

12. Commercial Pilot

Average Pay: $108,047 – $181,026 per year

Commercial pilots fly planes and communicate with air traffic controllers to ensure a safe route and keep passengers updated on their flight status.

Rather than being a pilot for fun and flying your own plane, you can fly with airlines or for celebrities and make $100 an hour.

Education requirements: There are two ways you can become a commercial pilot: get experience in the military or get a bachelor’s degree and be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) flight school.

13. Engineer


Average Pay: $70,459 – $97,554 per year

Engineering is a science-related discipline. An engineer’s job is to design, create and keep up machines, buildings, and data systems.

They are also experts in their field, constantly creating and innovating new solutions.

One example of an engineer is my friend who works with architects to make sure specs in paperwork work in real life and match up as buildings get built.

Education Requirements: In the United States, many engineers get their degrees from programs accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

Our Thoughts

woman working

There are a lot of different jobs that pay $100 an hour or more. However, not all of these jobs will be the right fit for everyone.

Some of the jobs on the list require advanced college degrees and even years of education.

While having a Master’s or Ph.D. may give you an edge in the job market, there are other options for those who want to make a good salary without spending more years in school.

I sincerely recommend starting a blog and seeing how far you can take it! The passive income is fantastic, you don’t need a formal education to start, and you can write about your passions to earn $1,000s per month!

We hope this article about $100 per hour jobs has helped you find a career path that is right for you. Which of these professions would be the best fit for your high-paying skills and interests? 

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