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25 Amazing High-Paying Jobs With No Experience For 2023

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We all want to learn how to make money fast, and we need high paying jobs to increase our income! But do you think you’re resume is looking pretty scarce?

Don’t worry, you can get paid well for an entry-level position if you have the knowledge and skill for the job!

Let’s get started on our long list of jobs that don’t require experience.

Quick Picks

  • Highest Paying Jobs – Proofreading or Bookkeeping pays upwards of $50 per hour and is super flexible. 
  • Best App – Swagbucks helps you to earn money on your own terms when you need it the most. 
  • Best Website – FlexJobs has a variety of flexible work-from-home jobs to choose from. 
  • Most Flexible – Freelance Writing work-from-home jobs are extremely flexible and use the skills and experience you already have. 
  • Most Scalable – Start your own money-making blog and set you and your family up for a great financial future. 

10 Work From Home High-Paying Jobs With No Experience

We’re in luck that there are dozens of jobs that don’t require experience to start working right away.

However, many high-paying jobs naturally require higher levels of education, technical skills, job training, or certifications- but not always experience from other jobs.

Your salary doesn’t simply reflect your years of experience – it’s also a reflection of what skill you’re currently bringing in as an employee.

For example, a receptionist or secretary may not have much experience but have degrees and training that make them an important asset to any company- and to get good workers, companies need to pay well!

The level of knowledge you gain from any of those training options offsets the lack of previous jobs.

1. Proofreader


Online proofreaders read a piece of writing and check for formatting errors.

You can find proofreading jobs and get hired on FlexJobsFiverr, or Upwork.

Proofreaders can check a book for publishing errors, look over an essay or research paper for mistakes before it’s turned in, or even go through a website to make sure there aren’t any misspellings.

Education: No college degree is required, but having an Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree would make you stand out when hired as a freelancer.

Average Salary: $37,000 per year

Training: There is a FREE Proofreading Workshop you can sign up for that will help you learn everything you need to know. However, it does take practice in order to become proficient at catching errors and making sure everything is perfect.

2. Survey Taker

Best Survey Sites young woman outside with phone in hand happily making a fist and smiling at phone

Answering surveys online is a great way of making money that’s so easy we had to include it on the list.

There’s nothing required for this except a phone or laptop- you can play games, watch videos, or answer questions to earn some extra income on the side.

Here are some of our favorite survey sites:

Education: Zippo! No college degrees are needed.

Average Salary: You could make $100 a week if you put in some time and effort, but how much you make is about how much time you put into it. You could make a few thousand dollars a year on the side taking surveys.

Training: Nothing is needed, no job training is required.

3. Blogger

A blogger is someone who posts content on the internet, which can be anything from text to video to audio, and they make money by advertising other companies or their products or services on a blog site.

If you want to make money blogging, there are two ways that this can happen: through affiliate marketing or through selling your own product online.

The first option means that if anyone purchases something from one of the stores you advertise, you get a percentage of the sale.

The second option means creating your own product for sale, like an e-book or video course teaching people how to start their own blog or anything else related to blogging.

Education: You don’t need a degree or anything formal to be a blogger! You can start today by grabbing your FREE domain name and affordable hosting from Bluehost

Average Salary: Income varies depending on your traffic and how many people click on your ads. Many bloggers make a few hundred bucks a month from their website and some make 6 figures a year!

Training: You don’t need any specific job training to be a blogger, but you will need to learn how to use the internet, blogging resources, and your computer.

4. Bookkeeping

Becoming a bookkeeper isn’t too hard without prior experience, but being good in math and knowing how to use spreadsheets is a big part of the job.

Bookkeepers aren’t the same as accountants; however, they do work with financial documents. For the most part, bookkeepers create spreadsheets of accounts payable, create and send invoices, make sure invoices are paid, and make reports based on the finaicoa data they receive from clients. 

Education: Most jobs have a minimum requirement of a high school degree, but higher-paying jobs likely require a Bachelor’s degree.

Average Salary: $41,981 per year

Training: You can become a certified bookkeeper, earning $80 instead of $20 – $50, but most jobs will have some training on the job for intro-level opportunities. If you want to get a feel for bookkeeping and learn the skills needed to be a bookkeeper, check out the free classes from Bookkeeper Launch.

5. Freelance Writer

Anyone can be a freelance writer as long as they have writing skills and creativity. You can use resources like Jasper or Surfer SEO to guarantee good quality work and write quicker for your clients.

You’ll be hired to write articles, blog posts, or even short ads for a variety of industries. If you specialize in a niche field, it will be easier to land jobs, but the more industries you work with, the more jobs you can obtain.

Create your own portfolio and market yourself well to attract new clients, and you can use sites like Fiverr or Flex Jobs to connect with potential clients and get hired.

Education: You don’t formal schooling in order to become a freelance writer, but you do need general writing skills. If you’re a journalist with a college egree it may help you stand out from the crowd!

Average Salary: $36,000 per year

Training: You don’t need any schooling in order to start freelancing. However, if you want to specialize in a particular area like science writing or sports journalism, it will help you to take classes or engage with professionals in your niche field. 

6. Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist listens to recorded audio files and writes down what they hear. They transcribe interviews, legal meetings, business conferences, or even simply one person dictating their thoughts into a microphone for later use.

You will need to type quickly and accurately in order to earn money as a transcriptionist!

Want to learn how to become a transcriptionist? Check out the FREE mini-course from Transcribe Anywhere!

Education: A high school education or GED is the only requirement to become a transcriptionist.

Average Salary: $44,000 per year

Training: Some places may require a typing test, but not many have additional job requirements. You can take an online course and learn how to transcribe audio files so that you have the skills necessary to get started.

7. Translator

Translators convert written information from one language to another.

They usually specialize in one or two languages, like Spanish or Mandarin. You will need to be fluent in both English and another language if you want to become a translator in the U.S.

Education: Many translators go on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in a language, but it isn’t always required for freelance jobs.

Average Salary: $45,000 per year

Training: Fluency in two languages is essential for this career path. If you want to specialize in a certain field like legal or medical translation, then it will help to have some training in a related field.

8. Tutor

Tutors work with students one-on-one to help them improve their knowledge, skills, or understanding of a subject.

They could teach everything from art to math, or even help high schoolers prepare for college entrance exams.

Education: No formal degrees are required to become a tutor – most people get started by offering their services to friends and family members.

Average Salary: $31,000 per year

Training: You can get training through short courses or workshops that specialize in teaching certain subjects like English or foreign languages.

9. Virtual Assistant (Administrative Assistant)

Virtual assistants handle administrative tasks like ordering supplies, connecting clients, and more for their company, all while working from home. You can even become a Pinterest VA and work in social media!

You may need to learn additional computer programs or systems depending on your client’s needs. They often have to coordinate with other people to get the job done, so strong organizational skills are essential. But you can easily find a VA job as a beginner!

Education: Depends on the company, most required a high school degree at least or an Associate’s degree in business.

Average Salary: $46,000 per year

Training: You don’t need any formal training to become a virtual assistant, but some job training does help you get a strong foot in the door. Here is a FREE Virtual Assistant workshop to get you started. 

10. Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerks enter or update information into a system from written documents. They could be working for a business, an organization, or even as a contractor for other companies.

They focus on accuracy and attention to detail since their role requires them to go through large amounts of records and information.

Education: Some positions may require a high school degree, but most employers will hire data entry clerks without any formal qualifications.

Average Salary: $35,000 per year

Training: You don’t need any formal training to become a data entry clerk – it’s a great entry-level job. You can learn everything you need through on-the-job training, and the job doesn’t usually require advanced computer or technical skills or more than basic keyboarding knowledge.

15 Entry-Level Jobs That Need No Experience

1. Construction Worker

Construction workers are responsible for building, repairing, and maintaining structures like homes or office buildings.

Most construction workers learn their skills through an apprenticeship program instead of attending college, so you can take an apprenticeship as an entry-level position to get started in construction.

Education: High school diploma or equivalent

Average Salary: $37,650 per year

Training: You don’t need any formal training to become a construction worker, but some construction companies and unions offer apprenticeship programs where you can learn on the job, usually by working with more experienced workers.

2. Garbage Collector

Garbage collectors are responsible for picking up trash and collecting recyclables from businesses, homes, schools, and other places.

You’ll need a high tolerance for smell, but that’s the only drawback we can think of with this job.

Education: High school education or equivalent

Average Salary: $34,500 per year

Training: You don’t need any formal training to become a garbage collector – most people get started by working for their city’s sanitation department. Some training is offered through short courses, workshops, and on-the-job by working with more experienced garbage collectors.

3. Police Officer

Police officers protect the public by enforcing laws and managing emergencies. They need to be in good physical condition since they may have to chase after suspects or perform other strenuous tasks while on the job.

Education: High school diploma or equivalent

Average Salary: $55,010 per year

Training: You will need to apply for their training program. Police academies offer a basic training program where you learn the skills and knowledge you need to start working in law enforcement.

4. Customer Service

Customer service representatives are responsible for helping customers by providing product or service information, resolving billing issues, and dealing with complaints.

Education: High school education or equivalent

Average Salary: $32,990 per year

Training: You don’t need any formal training to become a customer service representative – most people get started by working for retail stores or call centers.

5. Gardener

A gardener is a professional who provides landscaping services, such as planting and maintaining gardens, lawns, and trees.

It’s easy to find jobs as a lawn care specialist, even if you don’t have job experience. Some people find work by walking through neighborhoods and offering their services to homeowners.

Education: No college degree needed

Average Salary: $27,200 per year

Training: You don’t need any formal job training to become a gardener. Gardening skills can be learned through short courses or workshops that specialize in teaching people how to garden.

6. Delivery/Commercial Driver

Delivery drivers transport cargo or passengers from one place to another. Commercial drivers may drive buses, tractor-trailers, or other large vehicles.

Education: High school diploma or equivalent and a license are needed, and some employers will conduct their own background checks before hiring commercial or delivery drivers. Commercial driving jobs usually require a special driver’s license and a background check before employment.

Average Salary: $37,480 per year

Training: You need to be a good driver, and driving big vehicles can be a bit of a stretch, so see if you can practice with U-haul trucks or something similar.

7. Meal Delivery 

Food delivery drivers are employed by restaurants to deliver orders to customers. You can drive with Postmates or DoorDash, whichever one you think is a better fit for you.

You could also deliver groceries with Instacart if you want to deliver meals without being tempted by delicious food all the time.

You’ll earn a good amount per hour, but you’ll also be putting some mileage on your car so be sure you’re prepared to spend more on gas.

Education: High school degree or equivalent plus a license, but some employers will conduct their own background checks before hiring delivery drivers.

Average Salary: $24,980 per year

Training: Good driving is a must, and if you know your way around town, you’ll be a big asset to deliver things quickly.

8. Junior Web Developer

A junior web developer creates websites, including work for applications that people will use on the web. If you want to be a web developer, you need some knowledge of website creation, but employers usually will not require extensive experience.

Because of the constantly evolving nature of this field, you do need to have a strong grasp on computer science and web development skills. The field is always changing and staying on top means you’ll obtain more jobs.

Education: Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree, usually in computer science, but you can also be self-taught. Online courses are available to learn the skills needed for this job – but some experience is preferred by employers.

Average Salary: $69,800 per year

Training: Since this job requires a degree, your work experience is from your degree. If you don’t have a degree and are self-taught, you can take online courses to bulk up your skills.

9. Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent helps people buy and sell homes, so you need to be personable, dress professionally, and be able to memorize details.

If you want to be a real estate agent, you’ll need a computer, car, and some comfy walking shoes to get out there with clients.

Education: You don’t need a degree, but you do need to be licensed as a real estate agent.

Average  Salary: $42,500 per year

Training: To be a real estate agent, you’ll have to learn how to use house-selling platforms like Zillow and Realtor.com, but the rest is about how you work with others and treat clients.

10. Hazmat Removal Worker

Hazmat Removal Workers are trained to remove hazardous material from buildings. These workers may be employed by private companies that contract with the government to clean up after disasters or crimes.

They may also work as independent contractors. The jobs can be very dangerous due to exposure to toxic chemicals and fumes – but they are often high paying jobs.

Education: High school education or equivalent

Average Salary: $39,840 per year

Training: You’ll get trained on the job or through a special program designed by your company.

11. Server

A server in a restaurant takes customers’ orders and brings food to the table. Because of the number of practical concerns that could complicate this job (messy kitchens, late-night hours, etc.), the experience can help you but isn’t essential.

Education: High school diploma or equivalent

Average Salary: $25,780 per year

Training: Good listening, memorizing, and endurance are all the things you’ll need to be a good waitress.

12. Flight Attendant

Flight attendants provide a safety briefing and help passengers put on their oxygen masks in the event of an emergency. They also serve beverages, snacks, and other items to passengers during flights.

Education: High school education or equivalent

Average Salary: $38,990 per year

Training: When you’re hired, your airline will train you on what is needed.

13. Bartender

A bartender mixes and serves drinks to customers at a restaurant or bar. Bartenders take drink orders from serving staff, as well as directly from guests.

Education: High school diploma or equivalent

Average Salary: $22,410 per year

Training: You can take classes on how to bartend, but as long as you know about booze, and can make some cocktails, you’re all set to be a bartender. Previous experience can help you perform tricks or be quicker, but it isn’t really needed for the job.

14. Medical Assistant (MA)

A medical assistant does administrative and clinical tasks for a doctor’s office, such as scheduling appointments and taking patients’ medical histories. They sometimes aid doctors in patient assessments and evaluations but don’t work directly with patients on their own.

Education: High school diploma or equivalent, though some require an Associate’s degree simply because of the job demands and confidentiality in place.

Average Salary: $30,950 per year

Training: Previous experience in an office setting is a bonus, but you can get an entry-level medical assistant job with just your own skills.

15. Veterinary Assistant

A veterinary assistant assists veterinarians in treating animals. Tasks performed vary depending on the employer, but it may include feeding and cleaning animals or office spaces.

Education: High school education or equivalent

Average Salary: $23,860 per year

Training: Work experience does help, but you’ll primarily want some experience with animals.

Key Takeaways

Beautiful smiling woman holding money after earning cash back with Paribus

We are so lucky that not all jobs that require experience make you the most money- you have options to make money without a bunch of years under your belt.

You can become a proofreader, web developer. a freelance writer, and more for good pay and even work from home.

You can have a successful career without a degree, but if you lack job experience, the knowledge you gain from courses or college can offset being inexperienced.

Now there are so many types of jobs available where you can earn $20 an hour or more and increase your income, you just need to choose which is the best fit for you!

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