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45 Positive Money Affirmations To Improve Your Finances

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With the right money affirmations, you can improve your relationship with money. You can start attracting more wealth into your life by using positive statements that resonate with you.

It never hurts to get a better money mindset and have more positive vibes in your life, right?

And the best part is, you can say these affirmations anywhere, anytime – no one has to know but you!

Keep reading our list of money affirmations and start changing your relationship with money for the better.

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are short, positive statements that can help you challenge and overcome negative and unhelpful thoughts.

When you repeat an affirmation to yourself, you start to believe it, which can help you feel better about yourself and the situations around you.

The affirmations you say can change many areas of your life. You can use them to improve your relationships, career, health, and finances.

Wealth affirmations are a powerful tool that can help you to manifest money and abundance into your life. Repeating these money affirmations daily will train your mind to think more positively about money, attracting wealth and abundance into your life.

Money Mindset & Your Finances


What you say about yourself and your situations can significantly impact your thoughts and feelings. This is especially true for money and your finances.

People write to us every day telling us about their finances and money struggles. Some of the money problems they write about are:

“I don’t have enough money.”

“I’m never going to be able to get this budget under control.”

“I always overspend.”

“I’m never going to have enough money to quit my job and stay home.”

“I’m never going to get out of debt!”

Sound familiar?

It’s essential to recognize that these are all negative thoughts and will keep you stuck in your current financial situation if you let them.

But by repeating money affirmations, you can start to change your money mindset.

Try these positive money mindset affirmations instead:

“I have enough money to do whatever I want.”

“I attract wealth and abundance into my life.”

“I have the power to create a better financial future for myself.”

“My finances are improving and will continue getting better.”

By saying these positive affirmations daily, you can start to believe them and shift your money mindset, which will help improve your finances.

What Wealth Looks Like

Portrait of a happy smartly dressed couple celebrating while standing under money shower isolated over pink background

Everyone has different ideas about wealth, but some ideas are the same. What does wealth look like to you?

It doesn’t have to mean becoming a millionaire– it can be as simple as having the freedom and security that comes with financial stability.

Wealth can mean having enough money to do what you want when you want.

In your money affirmations, you can focus on having enough money to do what makes you feel happy and fulfilled. You can also focus on feeling secure in knowing you have control over your finances.

The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the belief that people can bring positive or negative experiences into their lives by focusing on positive or negative thoughts.

For example, focusing on a money affirmation about abundance and prosperity will attract more abundance and prosperity into your life.

Similarly, focusing on a money affirmation about lack and scarcity will attract more lack and scarcity into your life.

So with the Law of Attraction, you can focus on the good and aim to have good things enter your life!

It’s important to remember that you are worthy and deserving of financial abundance. You have the power to attract money into your life, and it all starts with your thoughts and money affirmations. 

Money Affirmations to Attract Money

empty pockets, broke dude

Start by picking out a few money affirmations to attract wealth that resonates with you and eliminate negative self-talk.

Then read the money affirmations aloud to start shifting your mindset and attracting money.

Here is our in-depth list of money affirmations that can change your life for the better:

Attracting Wealth Is Possible

1. I am a money magnet and attract wealth into my life every day.

2. I am abundantly blessed with wealth and prosperity in expected and unexpected ways.

3. I accept the financial abundance and prosperity money creates in my life.

4. I can receive unexpected money in many surprising forms.

5. My finances are changing and growing every day.

6. My future is one of financial freedom and security.

7. I can create a brighter financial situation for myself.

8. I am grateful for the abundance of money in my life.

9. I always have more than enough money to do what I want because wealth constantly flows to me.

10. I am open to receiving all the wealth life brings to me

11. Money flows to me, and I am attracting more than enough money into my life.

12. I am worthy of a wealthy life and deserve money.

Money Can Make Goals & Dreams A Reality


13. Money is a powerful force that can help me achieve my goals and dreams. 

14. My goals and dreams are within my reach, and I can make them a reality. 

15. I can create the abundant and positive life I desire with the money that flows to me.

16. I can use the money to make positive changes in my life and the lives of those around me.

17. My financial power allows me to make my dreams come true.

18. I am grateful for the potential of unexpected money and its ability to help me reach my goals and desires.

19. Money enhances my life, helps me make positive changes, and constantly attracts opportunities.

20. My financial success as a money magnet gives me the freedom to create the financially free life I desire.

21. My goals can become a reality with money, and I use it to make positive changes in my life.

Being Grateful About Money

22. My attitude towards money is gratitude; I use it to bring more joy.

23. I am thankful for the abundance that all the money brings into my life.

24. My perspective on finances is one of appreciation; I use it to make a difference in the world.

25. I have an empowered relationship with money, which allows me to experience good fortune regularly.

26. I express gratitude for all the blessings that money brings into my life.

27. I appreciate that money can be used for expanding my world and achieving the goals I set for myself.

28. I am thankful for the security money provides me with, allowing me to pursue my passions with peace of mind.

Money Isn’t Necessarily Evil

29. Having money does not make me a bad person.

30. I embrace money as a tool that can be used for good, and I use it wisely.

31. Money flows to me, and my money is used for good things that enrich my life. 

32. Money enables me to live a financially free life, do things I love, and serve others.

33. Making money allows me to provide for my needs and those of my family.

34. I use my wealth to help myself and others.

35. I use my wealth to impact the world positively.

Using Money To Truly Experience Life

Four friends eating dinner at rooftop restaurant

36. Money gives me the power to experience life in all its glory.

37. I am committed to using money to create a life filled with joy and abundance.

38. I use my money to create unique experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

39 I have the financial freedom to explore new places, try new things, and meet interesting people.

40. My wealth is an instrument for creating a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Money Doesn’t Control You

41. I control my money, and it doesn’t control me.

42. My relationship with money is one of balance and harmony.

43. I’m in charge of my financial life, not the other way around.

44. I am the master of money and use it to reach money goals for a financial life that serves me well.

45. Every action I take leads me closer to financial freedom by attracting money.

Money Myths

There are many misconceptions(myths) about money that can be harmful, and they have become negative money affirmations and limiting beliefs:

  • Money is the root of all evil: The truth is that while some people have used their money to do evil things, it’s not the money itself that’s at fault. It’s the person using the money that does evil things.
  • Having more money won’t make me happier: It’s true that money alone won’t make you happy, but having a comfortable lifestyle that allows you to pursue your passions and dreams can bring joy and satisfaction.

Improving Your Finances

Earn More (Side Hustles)

happy woman working alone at home

One way to improve your finances is by earning more money with a side hustle. We recommend looking on Steady to find freelance opportunities to use your skills and passions to make money.

Many options are available, such as proofreading and blogging:

Save More Money

Another way to improve your finances is by saving money.

You can create a budget with the Savvy Budget Binder, cut back on unnecessary expenses, and set up high-yield savings account at Chime for an emergency fund.

When you consistently save money, your financial future will be more secure, and you can start to pursue your goals and dreams.

Spend Less Money

Another way to improve your finances is to spend money wisely. Food and gas prices have increased, and it’s now more important than ever to find ways to save money. 

GetUpside can help you earn cashback on your gas purchases, convenience store purchases, and grocery purchases.

Fetch Rewards and Honey can also help you save on everyday purchases. Plus, using coupons and taking advantage of sales can help you save even more money.

Grow Your Money 

Growing your money by investing is one of the best ways to improve your finances.

You can start investing with Robinhood and Betterment, which are excellent for beginner investors to make money from stocks and ETFs.

If you are looking to invest in real estate, a good place to start is Fundrise. Fundrise allows you to invest in fractional real estate shares from the comfort of your home.

Our Thoughts

sunset beach family

Positive money affirmations can help to motivate us to take steps towards improving our finances. They can give us the confidence to make smart decisions about our money, improve ourselves, and build a better life.

With the right attitude and these money affirmations, you can make changes that will set you up for financial success.

And don’t forget other key steps to reach financial freedom besides money affirmations- you may want to earn more income as a proofreader or grow more savings with Chime

We hope this article has helped give you some ideas on using positive money affirmations around money. With the right mindset and attitude, anything is possible – so go out there, start using money affirmations, and take control of your finances today!

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