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5 Reasons you need Celebrity/ Influencer Agreements

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When a celebrity or influencer agrees to promote a product or service, they are typically entering into a binding agreement with the company. This agreement will outline the terms of the promotion, including how long the promotion will last, what the celebrity or influencer will do to promote the product or service, and how much they will be paid for their services. It is always better to have everything written down and signed by both the parties so there is no room for confusion. 


  1. Clarity of Project: It is important for companies to have a well-written agreement in place before working with a celebrity or influencer, as this will help to protect the company’s interests and ensure that the promotion is conducted in the way that the company desires.
  2.  Duration/ Validity Clause: In creative works and projects, an overlap of timeline is always a possibility. Which is why having a duration clause or deadline in place becomes very important. The agreement acts as a medium to have a deadline fixed which cannot be delayed.
  3. Deal with Influencers directly: A lot of times, the projects are taken by the agencies and not the influencers themselves, they tend to avoid any direct responsibility. The agreement gives you an opportunity to make sure if you are dealing with the influencer/ celebrity directly or it’s the agency who is in contact with you on their behalf.
  4. Safeguarding Intellectual Property: You might have to give your intellectual property to the celebrity or influencer in order to produce good content. The agreement will make sure that your intellectual property stays with you and is not used without your permission.
  5. Exclusivity: With the agreement in place, you get to decide whether the celebrity/influencer will be working exclusively for your brand in the niche or can take up competitor projects too.

Influencer/Celebrity agreements are mostly to make sure the terms and conditions of the project are clear and cannot be taken for granted. Reach out to a lawyer who has experience with influencers and celebrities to get a tight, leakproof agreement in place. 

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