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Accountability for Financial Damages in a Motorcycle Accident

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Several parties can be accountable for financial damages if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident due to another driver’s negligence. Even though most victims file a lawsuit against the responsible driver, other parties might have played a role in the accident, such as:

  • The car’s manufacturer
  • A company, like a construction or trucking business
  • A government institution

You should hire an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to help you identify the responsible party depending on the evidence provided in your case. Additionally, depending on how the accident happened, you may get compensation from various parties.


You Can Get Compensation From a Negligent Driver

Reports from the NHTSA indicate that most accidents occur because of drivers’ mistakes. The court can find drivers guilty when they:

  • Fall asleep when driving
  • Drive while intoxicated
  • Overlook traffic signals and signs
  • Speed
  • Drive recklessly

If you get injured in an accident caused by a driver for the above reasons, the court can find them accountable for financial damages in the motorcycle accident lawsuit. However, you’ll need to provide sufficient evidence to prove how the driver’s negligence caused the accident.


You May Sue a Government Institution

Not all accidents result from a person’s negligence. If accidents happen because of the dire state of the road, the government institution that handles road maintenance and safety is held financially responsible for the motorcycle accident.

Many motorcycle accidents happen because of unmaintained roads, which may be evident through cracks and potholes. The defects can cause injuries to the rider and damage to the motorcycle.

Since it can be challenging to sue a government institution, you should involve an experienced motorcycle accident attorney; they understand how to handle such claims. They will advise you on how to file for compensation and ensure you follow the correct procedure.


You Can Receive Damages From a Company

Your motorcycle accident may involve company vehicles or trucks. If a particular company’s driver caused the accident, the employer might be partly or wholly responsible for your damages. Accidents involving commercial vehicles may have several defendants, such as:

  • Employer
  • Driver
  • Manufacturer
  • The company that maintains the vehicle

The lawyer you choose may advise you to add an employer as one of your claim’s defendants because organizations have more insurance policies than drivers. They will also help you build a successful case, something you might not be able to do without their assistance.

A motorcycle accident case requires thorough research, vast legal understanding, and determination. The motorcycle attorney will help you decide whether to sue several parties.

You Might Receive Compensation From a Car Manufacturer if Defective Parts Caused the Accident

Sometimes, motorcycle accidents happen because of vehicle malfunction. Even though such accidents are less than 3%, according to NHTSA records, a vehicle manufacturer could be financially accountable for your injury.

Your lawyer can help you file a lawsuit against a vehicle or car part manufacturer. They will take you through the challenging process, giving you higher chances of getting proper compensation.

You Can Hire a Lawyer to Help You Identify All the Responsible Parties

The circumstances of your accident will determine the parties you can sue. Sometimes, knowing the at-fault party immediately after the accident might be challenging. Some motorcycle accidents, like those involving many cars, may have several responsible parties.

Motorcycle accidents with complicated circumstances can be challenging for the victim to get compensation. However, hiring the right motorcycle accident lawyer can make the process easier and improve your chances of getting financial damages. The attorney you choose will:

  • Gather the necessary evidence for the case
  • Help you know if there’s a need for a lawsuit
  • Provide you with estimations for your case’s value
  • Negotiate with insurers
  • Help you choose the right time to file the lawsuit

Seek Legal Guidance

Since several parties can be accountable for a motorcycle accident, it is essential to involve a lawyer to help you navigate the challenging process until you get compensated. Your attorney will use the available evidence to identify all the liable parties in your motorcycle accident case.


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