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Alabama Priest Mocks Defrocked Father Frank Pavone – The Published Reporter®

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father francisco pavone
Fr. Frank A. Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life, President, National Pro-life Religious Council, in 2014 speaking with Currents News about New York’s abortion mills, said to typically be never inspected and mostly unregulated.

LAKE GENEVA, WI –  I’m saddened and angered — though not exactly surprised given the current state of the Church — that Frank Pavone has been dismissed from the priesthood. (I could utilize whataboutery and point out apparent double standards, but … I won’t bother. It is what it is.)

What also saddens me is that a fellow priest would publicly mock and make light of Pavone’s laicization.

Father Stephen Vrazel, pastor of St. Mary Parish in Mobile, Alabama, did just that by tweeting on Dec. 17: “Father Frank Pav-owned.” See the tweet below.


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Pavone isn’t perfect by any means (none of us are, of course), but he’s been a champion for the innocent unborn – not to mention a spiritual counselor for women hurt by abortion — for many years. He deserves praise and respect for that, especially from a fellow priest.

If you’re so inclined, dear reader, I urge you to politely express your concern to Vrazel about his offensive tweet.

Click here for his contact information.

And pray for Pavone and our Church leaders.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

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