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All you need to know about Brand Planning

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A brand plan outlines the goals and strategies for developing and maintaining a successful brand. It can be used to guide the work of a marketing team or individual, and should be tailored to the specific needs of the brand. Whether you are trying to establish a new brand or re-establish your old one, this checklist will give you a summarized idea of the process. Here are all the check points you need before establishing your own brand. 

  1. Market Niche: To begin with, select your niche in the market that can be defined by its unique needs and preferences. Figure out if your product can make a difference in that niche which is not currently filled.
  2. Market Analysis: Once you have selected your niche, start with analyzing the market and competitors. Know who you are competing against and where you have to place yourself in the market.
  3. Business Plan: Start working on a basic business plan. Identify the goals for your brand.
  4. Target Audience: Once you have decided your market and done your research on competitors, set your target audience. Look at who you want to cater to.
  5. Branding: Select the color pallet, logo, brand name, tag line and other branding related activities
  6. Product: Design the product and start thinking about manufacturers and distributors. The first collection you introduce to the market will tell a lot about your brand, so make sure it’s something you’d be delighted to use as a calling card in the future.
  7. Marketing Process: Alongside, start working on the marketing plan as well. How will you create a buzz, what channels will you use for marketing, etc.
  8. Legal Compliances: As soon as you have decided on the brand name and other factors, begin your legal process. Register your company, register your intellectual property and fill out the compliances. 

Once you are done with all the planning, it’s time to start taking action. Only thing harder than planning for a brand is sustaining it. We are here to support your creative process with our checklists, roadmaps and consultancy services. 


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