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Best Picks For Money-Making In 2022

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What are the best side hustles to make extra money? That’s a question I get asked all the time, and I’m happy to say this condensed list will set the record straight!

So we narrowed down the best side hustle ideas to help you reach your financial goals and increase your monthly income

After researching countless hours and personally trying many of these side hustles ourselves, they had to meet our strict criteria to make our list of the best side hustle ideas:

  1. High earning potential (more than $20 an hour is the goal!)
  2. Difficulty to start (low score)
  3. Flexible schedule (high score)
  4. Scalable (high score)

Each side hustle that made our list of best side hustles has a balance of all three of these things, so you can make extra money your own way every day (or whenever you want!). 

Here are our picks for the best side hustles for making money. They are high-paying options with a flexible schedule and excellent earning potential.

Quick Picks

Before we get into all our the best side hustles you could start and make extra income, here are our top quick picks for side hustles you could start today and start earning money:

Best Side Hustles

1. Blogging


  1. Difficulty To Start: 1/10
  2. Flexible Schedule: 10/10
  3. Scalable: 10/10

Expected Earnings – $500 – $3,000+ a month

Growing a successful blog takes a lot of time and effort. You need to be consistent with your postings, engage with your readers, and promote your content to attract new readers.

But if you’re willing to work using some of the best blogging resources, a blog can be an excellent way to build your own business and bring in some money online. 

Brittany and I make money blogging– it started as a side hustle before we started our family, and now it’s our full-time job. It took a lot of hard work to get here, but we love what we do and think you can do it too!

Not only do I get to be my own boss and set my hours, but I also get to help others by sharing my knowledge and experiences with budgeting, saving money, making more money, and investing.

How to Get Started

2. Proofreading

  1. Difficulty To Start: 1/10
  2. Flexible Schedule: 10/10
  3. Scalable: 8/10

Expected Earnings – $26 per hour

Becoming a proofreader may be the perfect job if you have an eye for detail and a passion for language. Proofreaders usually have a strong command of grammar and punctuation and know how to spot grammar errors that others might miss.

Proofreading is more than just catching typos- it’s about ensuring the document is error-free and easy to read. A good proofreader will ensure the document flows smoothly and is free of confusion. 

And with the rise of the internet, there are now many opportunities to find online proofreading jobs.

How to Get Started

  • Proofread Anywhere – Check out this FREE Proofreading Workshop to help you jump-start your proofreading side hustle today.
  • Fiverr – Fiverr makes it easy to find proofreading jobs near you. Sign up for an account today!

3. Flip Items

  1. Difficulty To Start: 5/10
  2. Flexible Schedule: 6/10
  3. Scalable: 10/10

Expected Earnings – $5,500+ a month

I’ve been flipping items for sale online since I was a teenager, and I’ve found that it’s easier than ever to do with social media.

In the past, I would have to search through classified ads or visit garage sales to find items to flip. Now it’s all online if you want it to be!

I can browse through Facebook groups or scroll Instagram to find potential flips; plus, there are many online flea markets.

And since so many people are active online, it’s easy to reach a large audience when selling items. I’ve even sold items to people who live in other states with no problem because of sites like eBay.

I still use eBay to list some of my items. eBay is an excellent platform for flipping flea market finds because it’s easy to list items and reach a global audience.

How to Get Started – 

  • Flea Market FlipperCheck out this FREE item flipping workshop to learn about flipping those flea market finds! The Flea Market Flippers have made $10,000 per month with their business, and they taught us everything we know.
  • eBay – Learn how to open your eBay store and start making sales with our eBay selling article

4. Freelance Writing

  1. Difficulty To Start: 2/10
  2. Flexible Schedule: 10/10
  3. Scalable: 8/10

Expected Earnings – $22 – $30 an hour

Becoming a freelance writer is the perfect side hustle for people who like writing. It’s a great way to make extra money without committing to a full-time job.

One of the best things about freelance writing is that new opportunities are always available. There are plenty of freelance writing jobs in writing articles, blog posts, web content, and more.

You can pick a niche to write about, like cooking, lifestyle, parenting, finance, and more, and then find clients who need content written.

There’s also a growing demand for ghostwriters, so if you’re good at writing in someone else’s voice, that could be an excellent option for freelance work. 

How to Get Started

  • Steady App – Use Steady to find freelance writing gigs and earn extra money on your terms and when you need it most. 
  • Earn More Writing – Take this FREE Workshop that shows you how to start a profitable freelance writing business.

5. Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

dog walk

  1. Difficulty To Start: 3/10
  2. Flexible Schedule: 5/10
  3. Scalable: 5/10

Expected Earnings – Dog Walker – $32,000+ per year; Pet Sitter – $30,000+ per year

Walking dogs and pet house sitting can be a fun, easy side hustle for people who love dogs. It’s the best way to get some exercise and fresh air, and it’s a fun side hustle for dog lovers.

Just think – you could be your boss, set your hours, and get paid to walk and spend time with dogs! What’s not to love?

There are plenty of dog owners out there who would be happy to pay someone to walk their dog for them while they’re at work and a trusted person to check on their pets while they’re out of town.

Plus, we’ve earned extra cash by combining our dog walking service with an exercise app. Some apps pay you to exercise, so every walk will earn you a couple of extra bucks!

How to Get Started

  • Rover – Sign up to become a Rover dog walker or pet sitter today. Rover is available in most major cities, and you can set your schedule and rates to walk dogs.

6. Deliver Food

  1. Difficulty To Start: 1/10
  2. Flexible Schedule: 6/10
  3. Scalable: 4/10

Expected Earnings – $17 – $20 per hour

If you’re looking for a way to make more money, delivering food is a gig economy job that could be the perfect side hustle. You can start earning money immediately with your car and a little free driving time.

Many companies offer food delivery services, and you can join one or a few to get out there and give people their food.

The best part about this type of work is that it’s relatively easy to start. You don’t need special qualifications or experience and can usually set your hours. 

How to Get Started

7. Start An Etsy Shop Or Shopify Store

  1. Difficulty To Start: 2/10
  2. Flexible Schedule: 5/10
  3. Scalable: 10/10

Expected Earnings: Depends on what you sell, estimates at $43,000 per year

We love finding ways to make more money, and one of our favorite ways is through our Etsy and Shopify stores. This side gig has been a great way to make some supplemental income. 

We sell printable digital products like budgets, planners, and more with our online store, and there are many shop ideas you can pick from.

You could create and sell physical products like mugs, t-shirts, jewelry, etc.- the list is endless; it all comes down to what you can make yourself or outsource to others.

How to Get Started

8. Create Online Courses

  1. Difficulty To Start: 5/10
  2. Flexible Schedule: 8/10
  3. Scalable: 7/10

Expected Earnings: $1,000+ a week

Are you skilled in some way? Whether you’re a great cook, a perfect baker, a finance whiz, or a business guru, you can create courses and help people learn- for a price!

Creating an online course is a great way to start a side hustle and earn some extra income. You can create passive income by selling online courses on your online store and generating money while you sleep.

How to Get Started

  • Udemy
  • Teachable
  • Six Figure Blogger We’ve taken this course, and it’s an excellent investment into your side hustle! This course will show you how to create your courses without being an “expert” on every topic.

9. Online Surveys & More

  1. Difficulty To Start: 1/10
  2. Flexible Schedule: 10/10
  3. Scalable: 1/10

Expected Earnings: $20 a week- varies on how active you are

Online surveys offer a great way to earn extra cash while spending only a few hours daily. And best of all, you can do this side hustle from the comfort of your home!

Most of the best survey sites are free to join, and they’ll provide you with a list of surveys to take based on your profile information. The surveys and focus groups are usually quick and easy to complete, and you’ll be rewarded with points that can be redeemed for cash or prizes.

Granted, you won’t make a full-time income taking surveys in your spare time, so don’t quit your day job. But it’s a great way to put a few extra bucks in your bank account each month.

How to Get Started

10. Rent Your Space

empty room and closet

  1. Difficulty To Start: 3/10
  2. Flexible Schedule: 3/10
  3. Scalable: 6/10

Expected Earnings: Neighbor – $200 – $400 a month; On Airbnb – $30,000 per year

A side hustle idea we like is renting out the spare room or house; you have a few options to do this!

You can either rent out your rooms to people to stay in or let people use your rooms for storage.

If you have a spare room or even an entire house, you can list it on Airbnb and start earning money from visitors looking for a place to stay. Since you’re in control of the rental terms, you can decide how much work you want to put into it.

Check out our how-to Airbnb host guide to make money with your extra rooms!

If you have a spare room or some unused space in your garage, you can quickly turn it into a passive income stream by renting it out on Neighbor. You can list the empty space in your house for people to store their things, starting at $20 a month for a 5X5 space.

Check out our Neighbor review and see what your space is worth!

How to Get Started

11. Tutor Online

  1. Difficulty To Start: 1/10
  2. Flexible Schedule: 5/10
  3. Scalable: 10/10

Expected Earnings – $27 an hour

Looking for a flexible and potentially lucrative way to earn some extra cash? Try online tutoring!

Online tutoring is one of the fastest-growing side hustles, and there is a high demand for tutors in various subjects. One of the most popular areas of online tutoring is teaching English as a second language.

This could be the perfect side gig for you if you’re a native English speaker with some spare time. You can set your hours and work from anywhere in the world.

How to Get Started

  • BookNook – A great site connecting tutors with students of all ages, mainly known for its English and math tutoring services. 

12. Digital Marketing

  1. Difficulty To Start: 7/10
  2. Flexible Schedule: 8/10
  3. Scalable: 8/10

Expected Earnings – $51,000+ per year

As a digital marketer, you can use your SEO, social media, and email marketing skills to help businesses gain attention online with ads, content, graphics, and more. This is a great side hustle to start if you have any of these skills.

You can use your knowledge and combine it with the best SEO tools to help businesses improve their online presence and reach more customers. In addition, you can also use your skills to help businesses create more effective marketing campaigns on social media channels.

How to Get Started

  • Flourish With Facebook Ads – You can use this course to learn how to create and manage effective Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Facebook Side Hustle – Watch this FREE training to learn how to start a side hustle from scratch that will make more money.

13. Graphic Designer

  1. Difficulty To Start: 6/10
  2. Flexible Schedule: 10/10
  3. Scalable: 7/10

Expected Earnings – $22 – $26 an hour

If you love to design and you’re pretty good at it, you should start freelancing to earn money on the side.

It’s a great way to earn extra money, and who knows – if you build up a good portfolio, you could even turn this side hustle into a full-time online business one day.

As a graphic designer, you would make designs that convert products or services to customers- usually to make them want to buy or inform them what something is. But you can also design business cards, displays, brochures, and more.

There are plenty of ways to get started as a freelance graphic designer with small businesses that need affordable graphic design. You can sign up for job boards where clients post design projects or reach out to businesses through social media or email.

How to Get Started

  • FlexJobsA better way to find a job that allows you to work from home and make up your schedule. 
  • Canva Pro Create graphics for your website, social media, or marketing materials with CanvaPro. Get started today and see the amazing things you can create today! 

14. Ridesharing

  1. Difficulty To Start: 1/10
  2. Flexible Schedule: 4/10
  3. Scalable: 6/10

Expected Earnings – $28 an hour

Becoming a rideshare driver is a great way to earn some extra money. With this side hustle, you can set your hours and work as much or as little as you want.

You get to meet new people and explore your city from behind the wheel. To become a rideshare driver, you’ll need a car that meets the requirements of the rideshare company you choose to work for.

You’ll also need to download the app and create an account. Once approved, you can start picking up passengers and earning money.

How to Get Started

15. Playing Video Games

youtube streamer playing game

  1. Difficulty To Start: 1/10
  2. Flexible Schedule: 10/10
  3. Scalable: 10/10

Expected Earnings – $20 to $200 an hour

Do you love playing video games?

If so, you can turn playing video games in your spare time into good money. That’s right – playing video games is one of the best side hustles out there!

There are several ways to do this, from streaming your gameplay on platforms like Twitch or YouTube to becoming a professional eSports player and a gaming coach.

If you’re good at what you do, you can easily make a decent income from playing video games. You can get sponsorships from brands or even make money from ads and donations from your fans.

How to Get Started

16. Creating YouTube Videos

  1. Difficulty To Start: 4/10
  2. Flexible Schedule: 10/10
  3. Scalable: 9/10

Expected Earnings – $18 per 1,000 views

I’ve always been creative and love expressing myself through video. So when I started my YouTube channel, it was a natural fit.

I found out it’s not as difficult as you might think. You only need a decent camera and a few hours of free time each week. You can film about anything – product reviews, vlogs, how-to videos, and more.

I loved sharing my videos with the world and was excited to see how people would react. And I wasn’t disappointed! 

The response to my videos has been amazing. I’ve connected with people from all over the world, and I’ve even been able to make money from my channel. 

How to Get Started

  • Read about how much YouTubers make in this side hustle.
  • Mastering YouTube – The Mastering YouTube course can teach you everything you need to know about YouTube, from building your channel to monetizing your videos.

17. Odd Jobs/Handy Man Business

  1. Difficulty To Start: 1/10
  2. Flexible Schedule: 6/10
  3. Scalable: 8/10

Expected Earnings: $27 an hour

One of the great things about being handy is that you can make money doing various odd jobs. From mowing lawns to fixing leaky faucets, there are always people who need a helping hand.

And best of all, you can often set your hours and rates. With this side hustle, you can work as much or as little as you like in addition to your day job.

How to Get Started

Best Sites For Side Hustle Gigs

woman working laptop home

There are plenty of ways to make more money these days, and one of the best ways is to find side hustle gigs.

These usually have plenty of short-term or one-time projects that can be done online and can help boost your income and relieve financial stress.

Steady App

The Steady App is here to help you find reliable gig work quickly and efficiently. Its accessible interface offers just what any entrepreneur needs for hustle opportunities – no matter their skill level or location!

The Steady app is easy to use and offers users many features. Some of the best features are:

  • Job search
  • Employer Insights
  • Work Categories
  • Income Tracker
  • Income Boosters
  • Grants

Check out our full app review to learn more about the Steady App and its features!


You set up a gig on Fiverr, and people can order it if they like what you’re offering. Once you complete the gig, you get paid through the site. It’s a great way to make some extra cash and is perfect for creative people with skills others might need.

We’ve used Fiverr a few times to get help with design work, and it’s always been a great experience. We highly recommend checking out Fiverr if you want to make money by offering your skills in side hustle gigs.


FlexJobs is the ultimate resource for anyone seeking a flexible job or needing extra income on their resume.

They verify every listing to ensure it’s not just another old scam. You can find legitimate telecommuting opportunities on this site, so whether you’re looking for something part-time or full-time- you’ll be in good hands with Flexjobs.

FlexJobs has everything you need to find the perfect flexible remote job. You can search through thousands of jobs on their website and get career coaching from expert reviewers.

Read our review of this side hustle app to learn more!


All sorts of gigs are available on Upwork, from writing to web development to customer service. You can use Upwork to find one-time projects or long-term jobs, and you can set your rates.

To find side hustles on Upwork, create a profile and start bidding on jobs. You can also search for specific skills or browse through the job categories.

Once you find a gig that interests you, send a proposal to the client outlining your experience and why you’re the perfect person for the job.

If they accept your proposal, you’ll be able to start working on the project right away. And once you complete the work, you’ll get paid through Upwork.


Whether you’re a writer, a web developer, or a graphic designer, you can find work on Freelancer. And if you don’t see any gigs that fit your freelancer skillset, you can always post a job and wait for people to apply.

After accepting, simply apply for jobs in the Freelancer marketplace. You can select only certain types of work you’re qualified to do, like a virtual assistant.

To apply, bid on freelance work that interests you – and if the client likes your bid, then the job is yours!

Pointers For Picking Your Side Hustle

Take A Side Hustle Quiz

Consider taking a side hustle quiz to help you decide what kind of side hustle is right for you. A quiz can help you find a part-time job idea if you don’t know where to begin.

Many different quizzes are available online, so take some time to find one that suits your needs. Check out our side hustle quiz, The Savvy Couple Quiz.

It’ll help you generate ideas and better understand what type of side hustle could work best for you.

Determine Your Skill Set

What skills do you have that you could use to make extra money? If you’re not sure, think about the things you’re good at or enjoy doing.

Do you have a knack for writing, design, or sales? Maybe you’re great with people and could be a perfect candidate for a gig like pet sitting or being a party planner.

There are endless possibilities for side hustles, so take some time to think about the skills you could use to earn money.

Monetize Your Existing Hobbies

woman painting

Do you have a hobby or interest that you could monetize? For example, if you enjoy baking, you could start a small home-based business selling your baked goods.

Or, if you’re a gardening enthusiast, you could start a plant nursery or offer landscaping services. If you have a passion for a particular activity, there’s a good chance you could turn it into a successful side hustle.

Focus on something you’re passionate about and can realistically handle while still maintaining your full-time job.

Compare Hourly Rates

For a lot of people, side hustles come down to money. If you’re using your free time to earn more cash, you want to maximize those hours, right?

Your skill set determines hourly rates, so if you’re a novice, know that you may be on the lower end of the pay range until you gain experience. You may want to pick a side hustle that fits your skills so you can charge a higher hourly rate!

Determine The Flexibility Fit

The whole point of a side hustle is that it fits around your primary source of income, your family, and everything else going on in your hectic schedule.

So you need to check how flexible the side hustle is and if that fits your schedule.

A virtual assistant may not have as much flexibility as a freelance writer- assistants are often needed during business hours, with some needed on weeknights and weekends.

In contrast, a freelance writer is given deadlines and writes whenever possible to complete their work on time. It could be at night, early morning before getting the kids up, or during nap time for stay-at-home moms.

How To Earn More In Any Side Hustle

There are a lot of things you can do to increase your income in any side hustle. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Don’t Underestimate Your Worth!

There’s no need to sell yourself short when earning money from a side hustle. Whether offering your services as a freelance writer, graphic designer, or web developer, you should always aim to earn what you’re worth.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should overcharge for your services. But it does mean that you shouldn’t underestimate the value of your skills and experience.

If you do, you’ll end up leaving money on the table – money that could be used to help reach your financial goals. So don’t be afraid to ask for what you’re worth. It’s the only way to ensure you get paid what you deserve.

Take Courses & Bump Up Your Skills

Whenever I want to earn a little extra money, I take some courses on SkillShare to brush up on my skills. For example, when I started blogging, I took a course on blogging.

Not only did it help me understand the basics of how to blog, but it also made me more confident and competent in my work.

If you have a side hustle that you’re passionate about, I highly recommend taking some courses to help you earn more money.

Branch Out For More Clients

Whether you’re a freelance writer, web developer, or graphic designer, there are always opportunities to branch out and find new clients.

The internet has made it easier than ever to connect with potential customers from all over the world. So if you’re ready to earn some extra cash, start by reaching out to new prospects in your field.

Final Thoughts

clean and bright dedicated space showing a good work from home tip

Many people are looking for ways to make a little extra money, and many different side hustles are out there. You can choose from many different side hustles, depending on your skills and interests.

Not all side hustles work for some people, but we aimed to include something for everyone on our list.

Whether you’re looking to make extra money to cover your expenses or want to start your own business, there’s a side hustle out there for you.

And who knows, maybe your side hustle will become a full-time business venture. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring the side hustles available and see which one is the best fit for you.


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