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Earn Better Money From A Legit Site

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That’s why we researched for you and found KashKick– one of the best survey sites to earn free cash.  

We found they have easy ways to make free money, including paid surveys, online shopping, and more!

But how much money can you make? And is it worth your time?

Keep reading to find out what we found in our KashKick review!


Cash is the Greatest Reward! They’ll deposit cash into your account for all the fun things you’re already doing online.

Earn Money From Surveys

KashKick Review

KashKick is an online platform that allows users to earn points and redeem them for cash rewards.

It’s simple: the more tasks you complete, the more cash you earn.

To start earning, all you need to do is sign up and start completing tasks. Tasks can range from taking paid surveys to watching videos and everything in between.

But let’s get more into it and discuss the features, payouts, and more!



KashKick has several different features that make it an excellent option for anyone looking to make extra money online:

Free To Join

For starters, KashKick is 100% free to join. There are no membership fees or monthly charges.

You can join and start taking KashKick surveys and earning cash rewards immediately without worrying about them taking a cut of your money.

Take Online Surveys

One of the great things about KashKick is that you can take surveys and earn rewards for your participation.

The KashKick surveys are typically quick and easy to complete, taking just a few minutes at a time, so doing surveys is a great way to monetize your free time.

I tend to complete surveys while waiting at the doctor’s office, grocery checkout line, and anywhere else that may tempt me to scroll through social media.

Other Reward Offers

shopping online

Besides online survey opportunities, KashKick also offers various reward opportunities. These include watching videos, playing games, and finding cash-back deals online shopping.

As we were writing this review, one of the highest reward offers we saw was for $100 to open an online bank account with Chime and an investment account with Stash.

Refer Others 

Like most other sites, you can earn extra cash by helping refer people to KashKick with their referral program.


The online security of websites is essential – especially if you are going to give them any personal information.

What we found was that KashKick is no different from the other survey sites when it comes to your personal information.

KashKick doesn’t require any information besides your name and email address to sign up.

Customer Service

Customer support is one of the areas where KashKick is lacking compared to the other “Get-Paid-To” sites.

They have a Frequently Asked Page available after you sign up for your account. It has many answers to most people’s questions when using the site.

The only way to get in contact directly from the website is through email. They do not have a company phone number or a live chat to talk to someone in real-time.

When we were doing research, we did find complaints on BBB and Trustpilot. An account was answering the complaints on each site with the KashKick name.

How To Start

1. Sign-Up Process

kashkick signup

Signing up for KashKick is very simple and only takes a few minutes!

First, you need to create an account. You can choose one of four different ways to sign up for an account:

  • PayPal
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Email

We recommend signing up with an email so you can use a separate email address from your regular email address, that way, all your offers are sent to one place.

Once you enter the email address and choose a password, they will send an email to verify your account.

After you verify your account, your account profile will need to be set up. They do ask for your personal information, such as:

  • Date of birth
  • PayPal address
  • Physical address

2. Earning Points

Once your account is set up, you can take surveys, play games, and accept sign-up offers and shopping deals.

The offers pay more than the surveys, but there are usually more steps to complete the offer, so it generally takes longer.

Survey companies usually use a points system where each survey is worth a certain number of points that can be redeemed for prizes  and gift cards or converted into free PayPal cash.

KashKick surveys pay cash value, which you’ll see on the screen before you start, so you know exactly how much money you’ll earn. 

For every completed survey, the amount gets added to your account, and then you cash out when you reach $10.

3. Redeeming Points

KashKick is different than many of the other survey companies out there. You also don’t have to wait to get a check in the mail or spend time going through a third-party service.

They don’t try to lure you in with the promise of free gift cards or chances to win expensive prizes. 

Instead, they show you the cash value of each survey right on the screen. 

You can cash out your earnings through your verified US PayPal account- not a bank account once your account balance reaches $10. 

Per their FAQ page, payment typically takes 1 to 3 business days to process. It is not automated like with some survey sites. KashKick has an actual human who processes their payments.

How To Earn Points & Get Paid

There are a lot of different ways to make money on KashKick. You can take surveys, watch videos, play games, and shop online.

And the best part is that you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home. So if you’re looking for an easy way to earn money, KashKick is an excellent option.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways:

Sign-Up Bonus

Currently, KashKick is offering a $1 bonus to new users who complete their profiles. Just sign up and complete your profile to claim your bonus.

It’s not a ton of money, but it’s a start. And with KashKick’s cash-out minimum of just $10, you can reach your goal in no time. 

Online Surveys

Before taking any surveys, you will need to complete your profile. This is so the company can get to know you better and match you with surveys that fit your interests.

The more information you provide in your profile, the more likely you will be offered higher-paying surveys.

Once your KashKick profile is complete, you’ll receive invitations to participate in surveys. Most of the surveys are anywhere from $0.10 to $4.00.

The only downside is that they don’t have a mobile app. So if you want to take surveys on your phone, you must do so through your mobile web browser. 

Friend Referrals

friends on the phone

KashKick pays you 25% of your friends’ earnings from subscriptions to advertiser promotions and completed surveys when they sign up using your referral program link.

You also earn an additional 5% from your friends’ referrals to their circles to the KashKick referral program.

Rewards & Payouts

KashKick rewards are cash based instead of point based. We like this better because you don’t have to calculate how many points it takes for KashKick to pay the minimum payout. 

With cash rewards instead of points, you know exactly how much you will be paid for each task in cash on the survey site, so you can make sure it is worth your time to do them.

Pros & Cons


  • Completely free for rewards users to join
  • Easy to use
  • Cashout threshold for this rewards platform is low- only $10
  • KashKick’s payments are shown in actual dollars, not points
  • Generous referral program


  • A KashKick account is only available to US residents
  • Can’t reach customer service by telephone or chat
  • Sometimes low amounts of offers are available

Other Rewards Apps

Surveys are a great side hustle opportunity and KashKick is a great option- and they aren’t the only one!

Many different rewards apps and other survey websites allow you to earn cash or other prizes just for completing simple tasks such as watching videos, completing surveys, or downloading and using other apps. 

If you’re looking for KashKick alternatives, here are a few of the best options for other sites to use to make money.

Remember that while these get paid to apps can be a great way to earn cash or prizes, they should be viewed as something other than a primary source of income.

To make the most out of them, focus on completing a task or two each day instead of trying to do everything all at once. That way, you won’t get overwhelmed and will be more likely to stick with the online rewards site in the long run. 

Survey Junkie


As someone who frequently participates in surveys, I can tell you that Survey Junkie is one of the most popular and reliable platforms.

While it won’t make you rich, it’s a legitimate way to earn some pocket money by sharing your opinions on the products and services you use daily in a paid survey.

Most surveys take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete, and they pay anywhere from 100 to 200 points. One hundred points equal $1, so you’re making $1 – $2 per survey. 

That doesn’t sound like much, but even small payouts from Survey Junkie can add up over time if you’re consistently taking surveys. In my experience, most surveys are fairly easy to complete. 

So why not give it a try? It’s free to sign up; it only takes a few minutes to get started.


Swagbucks is another favorite get-paid-to site. If you’re looking for a way to make money in your spare time, Swagbucks could be a good option. 

Swagbucks is a survey site that allows you to earn cash in your spare time by playing mobile games, shopping online, taking a paid survey, and more. You can also save money with coupons and cash-back offers. 

Plus, they offer a sign-up bonus, and if you refer your friends, you can get paid when they sign up and start using the site. So if you’re looking for an easy way to make cash, check out Swagbucks.


InboxDollars is a great way to make cash in your spare time. The company is owned by the same company that owns Swagbucks, so you can rest assured that it’s a legitimate way to make money. 

They pay in real dollars and not points, which is excellent if you want to make quick cash. You can get paid to read emails, shop online, and complete surveys. 

They have a low payout threshold of only $30, so you won’t have to wait forever to get your hands on your money. Payments are made via gift cards or your PayPal account so that you can choose the best method. 

So if you’re looking to make a few dollars in your free time, check out InboxDollars.


MyPoints is a great way to earn rewards for doing what you already do online. You can earn points for shopping, completing relevant surveys, playing online games, and more.

Plus, you can use your points to get gift cards for your favorite stores or enter sweepstakes for a chance to win big prizes. It’s free to join, and they offer a Welcome Bonus, so there’s nothing to lose.


What is KashKick?

KashKick is a get-paid-to website that offers a variety of tasks and offers to make money. You can take surveys, give feedback on products and services, download and use new apps, and more.

Most tasks pay between $0.25 and $100, and you can withdraw your earnings through your PayPal account once you’ve reached $10.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to make some extra cash, be sure to check out KashKick!

How old do I have to be to use KashKick?

teen typing

KashKick is currently only available to people 18 years of age or older in the United States.

How do I sign up for KashKick?

To sign up for KashKick, head to their website and enter your email address.

Once you’ve confirmed your email and taken some preliminary surveys, you can start completing tasks and earning cash with paid surveys.

How much money can I make with KashKick?

How much you can earn with KashKick depends on the tasks you complete and the time you’re willing to spend on the site.

Tasks pay anywhere from $0.50 to $100, so your earnings will vary.

Is KashKick legit?

Is KashKick legitimate? Yes, it is!

KashKick is a great way to make extra money by doing simple online tasks. If you’re looking for an easy way to make cash, you should definitely check out KashKick.

Overall, I had a positive experience with KashKick and would recommend it to anyone looking to make some money online, but it won’t replace your full-time income. It will provide some extra spending or money to put in savings.

Final Thoughts

make money

KashKick is a great way to earn real money in your spare time. Plus, it’s completely free to join and use their website. 

KashKick offers a variety of task types to appeal to everyone. If you’re a gamer, you can earn money by playing games.

If you’re more of a people person, you can start answering surveys and giving feedback on products and services. And if you’re tech-savvy, you can download and use new apps to earn cash rewards. 

Tasks and KashKick offers are typically worth between $0.25 and $100, and you can withdraw your earnings through PayPal once you’ve reached $10. 

No matter your interests, there’s a task or offer for you on Kashkick. So sign up today and start earning with KashKick!


Cash is the Greatest Reward! They’ll deposit cash into your account for all the fun things you’re already doing online.

Earn Money From Surveys



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