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F1 Plans To Switch To Using Completely Sustainable Fuel By 2026

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The future of F1 is one that’s better for the planet, and that future is near.

Formula 1 plans to achieve net zero carbon by 2030, and a big part of achieving that goal is innovating the fuel that the cars use to become more sustainable. While electric cars are becoming more and more popular, by 2030 it’s estimated that they will account for just 8% of the two billion cars on the road, which means that electric vehicles can’t bring the automotive world to carbon neutrality on their own. The CTO of F1, Pat Symonds, has partnered with the FIA and Aramco in order to work on discovering a combustion fuel that is sustainable.

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F1 has already made strides in this direction, with the new generation of cars running on E10 fuel that’s 10% comprised of fully-sustainable ethanol, and it is projected that F1 will be able to deliver 100% sustainable fuel by 2026, and when that is achieved, the car engines won’t add to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and Formula 1 also says that this fuel solution will also make road cars with combustion engines sustainable. By definition, Formula 1 has been a place where the greatest automotive innovations happen, and now the sport is stepping up to the plate to ensure a brighter future for racing, driving, and the planet all at once. Formula 1 is entering a different kind of race to find sustainable fuel, and according to plan, the whole world will win.

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