How to Plan Your Bathroom Remodel on a Budget


Remodeling a bathroom can be expensive, but proper planning can help you save money. Poor planning often leads to cost overruns during home renovation projects. Here are some tips to help you stay on budget.

Determine Your Budget

A bathroom remodel may seem costly, but many ways exist to save. Repainting vanity cabinets, sourcing decor on Facebook Marketplace and using porcelain tile to imitate marble are easy, budget-friendly ideas that can transform the space without breaking the bank.

Another way to save is by working with a design professional early on. Bringing in an expert before you start can help avoid an extensive list of additional projects at the end of your remodel that will cost extra money.

It’s worth considering hiring Bathroom Remodelers as they have extensive experience in every aspect of the job. For example, rerouting electrical wiring; adding and moving plumbing access; transferring and redrilling joists to accommodate new flooring, and other structural changes can cost thousands of dollars. Other big-ticket items include new showers, tubs, drywall, and paint and trim. These items can add up quickly, so it’s important to have an accurate idea of the total cost from the get-go. Labor costs, which account for a large portion of your budget, will vary depending on the scope of your project and where you live.

Do Your Research

When planning your bathroom remodel, it’s important to do your research. This will help you understand current trends, identify what materials are available and how they will function in the space. It’s also a great way to get inspiration and find design ideas. You can browse online or visit showrooms to see popular fixtures and features.

Another thing to consider is the layout of your bathroom. Keeping this same layout will save a lot of money if you’re ok with the existing sink, toilet and shower/tub location. Changing the layout of these fixtures significantly increases costs because new pipes will need to be added or moved around.

Keeping the same layout will also help keep your reno costs down by not needing to replace load-bearing walls or electrical wiring, which are costly tasks. Consider adding extra storage if you can’t afford to change your layout. This can be done relatively cheaply by utilizing empty spaces on your walls and floors.

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Get Multiple Quotes

A clear idea of what you want to be done in your bathroom will help your contractor provide an accurate estimate. This will avoid any disputes or change orders that can increase the cost of your remodel.

Whether your remodel is a simple refresh or a major overhaul, it’s important to get quotes from several contractors in Aurora, Oregon, before deciding. This will give you the best opportunity to find the right contractor for your project at a price that fits your budget.

Ask potential contractors about their experience, references, and certifications. Also, specify any special requests you may have, such as installing a new toilet or relocating the plumbing. Some changes require permits, such as moving an outlet or changing your water heater. Some changes can even affect the structural integrity of your home, so it’s important to leave this type of work to professionals.

Plan Ahead

When budgeting for your remodel, it’s important to factor in the possibility of unexpected costs. These costs include extra labor or materials not accounted for in the original estimate. It’s a good idea to leave room in your bathroom remodel budget for these unexpected costs, as they can quickly add up.

To keep your bathroom remodel on a budget, prioritize which upgrades are essential and which are nice-to-haves. For example, if you’re renovating your bathroom to increase its resale value, don’t skimp on things like adding a walk-in shower or new flooring.

Creating the bathroom of your dreams while staying within budget is possible with a little planning. By following these simple tips, you can instantly transform your bathroom and increase its resale value! Happy remodeling!

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