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How UNTUCKit Un-Tangled Scheduling | RIS News

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The company’s adoption of workforce technology allowed UNTUCKit to unify all scheduling and timekeeping elements under a single platform to create efficiency across its stores. 

“We have been away from our manual method of schedule building for about four years,” says Saldaña. He says he’s noticed that this has cut down on the workload dedication by at least 50% across 45 locations.  

Additionally, Saldaña points to reduced time spent on manual tasks in store by leadership, allowing them to transfer that time to invaluable customer interactions. Other benefits have included scheduling capabilities on mobile phones, which allow team members to monitor changes in real time.

“Timekeeping is also done within the same platform, which furthers the efficiency of pulling a report as opposed to migrating timesheets from one platform to another. The NewsFeed on Deputy also helped foster a sense of community among stores that may not have a neighboring store for over an hour away; this helped us create a collaborative space among team members for recognition and internal communications.” — Michael Saldaña, Retail Operations & Communications Manager, UNTUCKit

Concrete return on investment, however, is difficult to pin down. Saldaña says that while the partnership has had a noticeable impact on the company, several factors have contributed to continued growth and retention, both through internal optimization and external outreach. 

“I don’t believe we have any clear ROI data at this time, particularly as this may be vastly skewed on the persistent impacts of COVID on staffing in stores, though we can say that employee performance is improved against expanded workload and generally smaller store teams.”

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