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In Conversation with Adv. Tanmay Sadh, Head, Taxation and Commercial Litigation Team, Lawbridge Partners

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Adv. Tanmay Sadh, UPES Dehradun alumnus heads the Taxation and Commercial Litigation Team at Lawbridge Partners who started his law career with Luthra and Luthra Law Offices. Mr. Sadh is a first generation lawyer and in this conversation with Apoorva Mehta, Executive Manager at Legal Desire, he tells us about his journey through law firms and litigation.


1.Tell us a bit about your days at UPES Law school

Ans) Studying Law at UPES Dehradun was quite a memorable and exciting experience primarily because of the geographical location. The time when I joined UPES, the College of legal studies was still at a very niche stage and we were the third batch only. We were provided with a lot of opportunities to represent the College in various moot court competitions, seminars, debates, etc., in various colleges across the country and had enjoyed every bit of the experience. Further we had good faculties and the student crowd was also very good. Overall the experience was very good.

2. Have you always imagined yourself as you are now, did you (or do you) ever have different aspirations for yourself?

Ans) Initially the inclination was always to join a tier one law firm with a handsome package and I was also lucky enough to have an opportunity to get placed in M/s Luthra and Luthra Law Offices, New Delhi just after 5 years of college. But being a first generation lawyer, the understanding was always to go to courts and argue matters, which ultimately led me to pursue Litigation as my career goal.

3. Your synergy in Taxation, company, energy and commercial Litigation is a highly impressive feat. Did you show an affinity for these since your college days?  How did you juggle all these?

Ans) My area of interest was always corporate laws even during my days in college. However, my first placement led me to explore the area of Taxation, which is a very different and challenging field of law. Gradually as I started to study the subject and worked in the field of Taxation, I developed a good understanding of the subject. Thereafter, I entered the field of litigation and started practicing before the Hon’ble Allahabad High Court mainly in the field of taxation and commercial litigation. At the time when I joined litigation in the year 2016, the National Company Law Tribunal was established with its bench at Allahabad. Therefore, I also developed a synergy in commercial litigation and have developed a good standing before the Court in the field of taxation as well as commercial litigation.

The only way of juggling through any field of law is to be focused and patient. There will be times when you reach a point where you get completely frustrated and that is the most challenging part in the field of law, but one must keep calm and be focused and continue putting in efforts for achieving success and becoming a successful lawyer.

4. What was the transition like, from a law student to a lawyer?

Ans) The transition from a law student to a lawyer was very challenging and filled with hurdles. There were huge challenges and difficult decisions at every point and no one to back you in cases where you have made a wrong choice. However the transition was an extremely enlightening and enriching experience, whereby I got to learn something new each and every day. Further with the advent of time my decision making skills were improved and I inculcated the qualities of patience and perseverance which are a must for any lawyers who are pursuing the field of litigation. Further it was always a very far-fetched dream to open a Law Firm of my own, but with my patience and efforts and hard work coupled with good company of my wonderful colleagues, I managed to achieve my dream in a very less time.

5. What is the nature of your work as an Advocate at Allahabad High Court and as a Partner at Lawbridge Partners?

Ans) I am heading the Taxation and Commercial Litigation team in Lawbridge Partners and am dealing in cases related to Direct and Indirect Taxes in the Allahabad High Court and various Tribunals. Further I am also appearing before the NCLT and handling various commercial litigations.

6. What is your biggest takeaway as of now from your time in the Allahabad High Court?

Ans) The biggest takeaways is undoubtedly the time when we set up our own Law firm and thereafter we have seen a gradual progress in the field of Litigation.

7. Given the dynamic nature of the field you practice in, how do you keep yourself updated about the latest developments in the law?

Ans) The best way to keep ourselves updated is to witness the court proceedings regularly and sending time in different Courts. Further platforms such as Bar and Bench, Livelaw, etc. have also played an important role in enabling us to keep pace with the day to day development of the law by providing us access to latest case laws. Further, internal discussion with all the Partners on different issues has also played a major role in keep us updated about the latest developments.

8. What are the challenges you have faced in building your career as it stands today?

There are numerous challenges that a first generation lawyer has to face while building up ones carrier in the field of Litigation. Some of the major challenges are lack of legal backing in the family, negligible salary just enough to sustain oneself, lack of motivation and immense demotivation from people around you etc. However having patience and perseverance are the only mantras that will help one excelling in the field of litigation. Usually you will hear from people you meet that it will be very difficult for you to establish yourself because you are first generation lawyer. But honestly just turn a deaf ear to all those people and just focus on your goal.

9. How do you see the Indian tax laws in the future?

Ans) The tax laws are a very complicated set of laws, but with the coming up of the GST Act and the amendments made in the Income Tax Laws, it seems that the tax regime have been made a little simple. However the new GST laws will still take some time for the people to understand and it is only with the passage of time that the people will adapt to the same. However, the field of taxation is a very progressing field and whoever masters the taxation law will definitely excel in the said field because there are very less lawyers who are dedicatedly practicing in the field of tax laws

10. What advice would you like to give Law Students?

Ans) Every law student should enjoy their time law school because that is the best time of your life. At the same time one should also try to have the basis understanding of their areas of interest which would help them accordingly to choose a career of their choice and according to their interest. Further one should always remember that as a lawyer it is your duty to serve the society and therefore you should do your part for the society. Never give wrong legal advice to your client just for the sake of some money. Do not lose your integrity because my grandfather has said to me and I quote:

“In a person’s life if he loses money then he loses nothing, if he loses heath the he loses something but if he loses his character then he has lost everything.”

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