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Journalist Taylor Hansen’s Video Shuts Down an “All-Ages” Drag Queen Club in Texas – The Published Reporter®

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According to journalist Tayler Hansen, this performer paraded around with his “**** in a box” and shook his buttocks for the crowd. At one point the Drag Queen said “are you reaching for my titties are you hungry” to a child in the audience. Throughout the Drag Queen talking he had multiple people spank him. Image: Twitter.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Kudos to journalist Tayler Hansen. He made a video report of the happenings inside The Starligher club in San Antonio, Texas, and the place decided to close when it went viral. 

“Venue Will Cancel ‘All Ages’ Drag Events for the Rest of the Year After Journalist’s Video Report,” says and article in The Gateway Pundit.

The event was advertised for “All Ages.” The venue played the entire Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer movie prior to the show. You can see a Drag Queen playing with the child’s hair after learning her parents were not in attendance. 


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In the video you can see a drag queen (DQ) stroking a child’s hair – and the expression on the DQ’s face is creepy and sickening. The parents that allowed an innocent child to be exposed to such filthy and decadent adult entertainment need to be investigated by Child’s Protective Services. And the local police need to investigate as well. Furthermore, the local churches need to pray the Starlighter club would close permanently. The protection of children is the top priority. 

Full Report of the “All Ages” Christmas Drag Show hosted by The Starlighter in San Antonio, TX. 

“Christmas-themed ‘all-ages’ drag show features Satanist flag, queens gyrating for kids” is a recent article in the Post Millennial. “An explicit Texas drag show marketed towards kids included adult males in wigs, thongs dancing in a sexual manner, who behaved inappropriately with a child whose parents weren’t present. The venue, which advertises itself as “all-ages,” features an LGBTQ+ Satanist pride flag on display and regularly hosts other like events, according to a report from independent journalist Tayler Hansen.” 

“The disturbing footage showed the audience, which included kids, watching the G-rated holiday classic before the show began with a drag queen stripping off a cloak to reveal their bra and underwear. The male performer then bent over, revealing his thong-cladded behind and spread his legs to reveal his crotch area during a dance number.” 

“Are you enjoying the show?” the performer asked a child. She shook her head “no,” causing the crowd to erupt in laughter.  

The performance was put on by a group called The House of Eternas. See their bizarre Facebook page.

A Drag Queen Christmas in TX 

“Kid Responds to Highly Sexualized Drag Show With Single Devastating Word,” is an opinion piece in the Western Journal that describes Tayler Hansen’s outrage when he saw the debauchery on Twitter. 

Independent journalist Tayler Hansen exposed the show on Twitter and called the DQ event “a blatantly sexualized show meant to groom children.”  The Twitter crowd responded in outrage – and rightly so. Sane and sensible people react in shock, disbelief, and anger when children are watching grown men in costumes simulate sexual acts on a stage. 

Remove the outlandish costumes, wacky wigs, and caked on makeup – then imagine these same men in regular attire as they twerk and jerk with kids watching and/or participating. The police would be called. The men would be arrested. 

WARNING: The following photos and videos contain graphic footage that some viewers will find offensive. 

The Twitter thread shows clips of adult men jerking and twerking; bumping and grinding; and acting like hyper-sexed fools. 

Adult men that want to entertain other adult men or women in adult places – that’s their own business. But when men perform in front of kids for sexual stimulate, that’s a form of sexual child abuse. And sexual child abuse is a crime.  

The DQs (aka child predators) performed a skit titled “Screwdolph the Red Nippled Reindeer.” 

“In this performance they simulated sex countless times, sexualized a child’s story, including Santa, and had sexual videos playing in the background,” Hansen noted. 

When the DQ host asked a child what his favorite part of the show is he replied “Nothing.”  

The kid said “Nothing.” Why do woke parents assume their kids will enjoy adult men acting like buffoons while grabbing their crotches?  

“One word speaks volumes. And yet, the drag performers and their defenders insist that the kids just love being exposed to this hyper-sexualized dross,” Hansen stated.  


Children do not belong in bars, strip clubs, or at DQ entertainment shows. 

Another salute to journalist Tayler Hansen.  


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