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Kentucky’s Latest Accident Statistics – Legal Desire

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When the pandemic hit in 2020 and the highways emptied because of quarantines, the number of motor vehicle accidents in Kentucky and around the country naturally went down. Many people hoped these numbers would stay low, but with the release of Kentucky’s latest accident statistics, we now know that didn’t happen. But the news isn’t all bad. The accident numbers are still significantly lower in 2021 than they were in 2019, showing that safe driving initiatives may be working.


Crash Numbers Similar, But Fatalities Higher

Across Kentucky, the number of motor vehicle accidents is on par with those of 2020. They are slightly higher as can be seen by the Lexington statistics that show 11,898 accidents in 2021 compared with 11,819 in 2020. Despite the heavier traffic numbers, there have been just 79 more accidents in the city. This increase is barely notable, given that the streets in Lexington, like most of the nation, were relatively empty in 2020. It’s certainly expected that there are more accidents when there are more vehicles on the road.


Unfortunately, those 11,898 accidents have resulted in 36 fatalities compared to just 21 in 2020. The reason behind this sad news is unknown, but it’s likely due to higher speeds. In 2020, many drivers who could not stay home got used to there being minimal traffic on the roads and found they could travel at higher speeds than before. This has been a hard habit for them to break and as a result, they are continuing to speed, causing more severe accidents when they lose control or are unable to react to a dangerous situation in time.


Some HIghways More Dangerous Than Others

Of course, the risks you take on the road depend on which roads you drive. Some highways are more dangerous than others, whether from road conditions, heavier traffic, or poor design. In Lexington, Dixie Highway, with 47 accidents in 2021, is significantly more dangerous than Preston Highway with 31 accidents that same year. 

Dixie Highway has long outpaced Preston Highway in number of motor vehicle accidents. In 2019, there were 49 accidents on Dixie compared to just 19 on Preston. Even in 2020, when all roads saw fewer vehicles for many months, there were 42 accidents on Dixie compared to 32 on Preston. This data can help city officials discover ways to make Dixie a safer highway to travel, but in the meantime, drivers may want to consider alternate routes to their destinations.


Alcohol Still an Issue

According to AAA, many accidents in Louisville and other cities are due to drunk driving, especially wrong-way crashes, many of which occur on the very dangerous Dixie Highway. Essentially, if city officials can solve the impared driving issue, they can also make the roads significantly safer. It’s not an easy task, but drivers deserve to have safe streets and to know they will arrive alive at their destinations.



As with much of the nation, Kentucky experienced an increase in traffic accidents in 2021 over the lower numbers of 2020. Although the rise in the actual number of crashes is minimal, the higher number of fatalities is concerning. Drivers need to be vigilant at all times when they’re behind the wheel to avoid becoming a statistic in next year’s report.

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