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The Final $8.5M Bugatti Centodieci Has Been Delivered

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One of the most incredible celebrations of Bugatti’s brand history is already over.

Bugatti’s Centodieci, the 10-off tribute to the legendary EB 110 that shaped its recent history has finished production. The final Bugatti Centodieci is finished in a Quartz White exterior, with accents finished in Black Carbon and matte black finishes as well. Previewing the striking interior are the brake calipers, as well as the logo on the spoiler, both in Light Blue Sport, a modernized reinterpretation of the iconic Bugatti Blue that symbolized that era of the brand.

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The interior is finished in vibrant Light Blue Sport leather, highlighting the unique and laboriously-created square quilting pattern that is used throughout to adorn the seats, roof, center console, door panels, and more. The painstakingly detailed pattern is lined up for perfect symmetry and honors the amazing craftsmanship that went into creating the EB 110 decades ago, which featured the same quilting pattern. The 16-cylinder engine in itself pays homage to the EB 110’s power plant, which was a V12 that was similarly quad-turbocharged for incredible performance that defined the highest echelon of automotive capability at the time. Now that the Centodieci has finished production, the era of the W16 is quickly coming to a permanent close, as Molsheim looks forward to finishing its run of less than 100 remaining Chirons, just 99 W16 Mistral Roadsters, and the 40 track-only Bugatti Bolide examples. As the era of production for the Bugatti Centodieci and the W16 engine comes to a close, even the sadness of car enthusiasts all over the world is a stunning Bugatti Blue.

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