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The New 1,500-LB, 1,200-HP, 223-MPH Rodin FZERO Is Entering Production

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The world’s fastest track experience is coming soon.

New Zealand-based Rodin Cars released the FZED, which gave drivers the experience of an F1 car without needing to be a part of the incredibly exclusive series. However, it was three years ago that it was revealed that Rodin’s next venture would be the even more ludicrous FZERO hypercar, and now, Rodin is proud to announce that the new FZERO will be entering production with the first of its highly exclusive 27 units coming off of the assembly line in the summer of next year.

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The car is built for the track only, and because it’s not built to adhere to any road or racing series regulations, the new Rodin FZERO promises to deliver the ultimate track performance, without being bogged down by any specification limits. The car will be powered by a 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V10 engine with a hybrid system, and it will produce a whopping total of 1176 horsepower. Combine that with the fact that the car will also weigh just over 1,500 pounds, and what you have on your hands is an absolute monster when it comes to performance.

Each of the FZERO’s 27 owners will be able to configure various aspects of the car depending on the tracks on which it will be driven and the driving styles of their owners. Other ownership perks include racewear services, vehicle storage, and delivery, and driver training at Rodin’s private race tracks. In addition, the Rodin FZERO can produce downforce up to 4 times the car’s weight, and that incredibly light weight comes even with a bespoke 8-speed gearbox with a titanium 3D-printed case, along with a hydraulic computer-controlled differential. The incredibly powerful and lightweight Rodin FZERO is capable of speeds of over 223 mph, and it will definitely be a driving experience that’s once in a lifetime and only 27 times in the world.

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