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The New 2023 Porsche 911 GT3 R Is Porsche’s Latest Racing Machine

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The Porsche 911 GT3 feels at home on the track, but this new 911 GT3 R can’t be anywhere else at all.

Especially when it comes to the track-ready GT renditions of the latest 911 generation of the Porsche 911, innovations throughout the car have made it one of the most powerful, capable, and fast Porsche 911s yet. The naturally-aspirated 6-cylinder produces incredible amounts of power, and when that’s combined with the car’s lightweight structure and dynamic setup, the handling and speed of the latest 911 GT3 are ready to race. Now, the new 2023 Porsche 911 GT3 R has been revealed, and its purpose is to turn race-ready into race-only. It’s the newest customer racing car from Porsche, and it takes the innovation and performance of the incredible 992-generation 911 GT3 further than we imagined it could go.

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For starters, the engine in the new 2023 Porsche 911 GT3 R is larger, going from 4.0 liters to 4.2, and with a bigger engine comes more power, and that amount is 565 horsepower, up from 502 in the roadgoing 911 GT3. Along with the increase in power, Porsche optimized the torque and power curve so that as much performance as possible is there exactly when you need it, whether it be between challenging corners or sprinting through a straight. The GT3 R features an underbody diffuser, and to accommodate it, the engine had to be tilted forward by 5 degrees. The gearbox is derived from the GT3 Cup race car, and shifts are done quickly through paddles.

The suspension is easily configurable and reduces the wear on the rear tires, with 5 adjustments available for the KW shock absorbers. Derived from the 911 RSR, the underbody of the car allows for clean airflow under the car to the rear diffuser, and the wheelbase has been extended at the back to further preserve the life of the rear tires. Specialist brake company AP supplies the brakes, which are over 15 inches at the front and 14 inches at the back, and nearly the entire body is made of lightweight carbon fiber. The latest GT3’s signature swan-neck wing makes a reappearance in the GT3 R, this time in a much larger size for clean airflow and optimal downforce. The interior is modified to comply with new FIA side impact protection regulations, and the interior features the most granular details that optimize the car for racing, like a harness with a tongue that slides into the clasp even quicker, which makes driver-change pit stops quicker.

While Porsche designed the new 2023 GT3 Cup to be a racing car that would be optimal for drivers of varying skill levels, it’s priced quite seriously at $567,210 and it’s only available in North America through Porsche Motorsport North America. That said, that serious price pays for some serious performance, and on the track, everything about the car you’re driving matters when it’s being pushed to its limits.

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