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What a Crock of Crap – Denying Climate Crisis Considered A “Mental Condition” – The Published Reporter®

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  Sky News host Andrew Bolt says doubting climate change has become a mental condition
Sky News host Andrew Bolt says doubting climate change has become a “mental condition”. Image credit: Sky News Australia / YouTube.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Australian Sky News host Andrew Bolt says doubting climate change has become a “mental condition.” A study of 390 people from psychologist Dr. Rachael Sherman shows those who “suffer from this disorder” of not believing climate change are typically older, conservative, and have “lower environmental values.” 

So, conservatives are mentally ill if they believe the ruse that the planet and humanity are soon to be annihilated by climate disasters. And instead, believing bunkum (e.g., carbon emission is killing people and planet) makes you psychologically attuned. Hogwash, I proclaim.  

“In a rather tongue-in-cheek monologue heavy with dry wit and sarcasm, the Aussie host exposed the absurdity of the overtly biased and partisan pronouncements of an Australian psychology professor named Dr. Rachel Sherman,” asserted the Conservative Institute as well. 

This study/report is so ludicrous that I am laughing while shaking my head. As a licensed mental health therapist with decades of experience, I question Sherman’s conclusions. Is she the leader of the new mental health police cabal? Are climate deniers going to be arrested by The United Nation’s climate Gestapo or The World Economic Forum’s communism crew? Will Czar Joe Biden’s “greenie meanies” knock on our door? 


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Any person that disagrees with the science that the climate crisis is a hoax now has a diagnosable mental health disorder – what a sack of hooey. Myriad reputable climate scientists, researchers, and authors adamantly deny the falsehoods of Al Gore, John Kerry, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and other climate cultists who declare that CO2 is destroying lifeforms in the atmosphere and on earth.  

My questions: What motivated this unscientific study? Who funded it? Is Sherman seeking publicity attention? Are the Great Reset autocrats in the shadows? 

Another article provided in-depth details on this outlandish study. “So how do we begin to change minds? In all, our results suggest climate change skepticism may be influenced by: favored explanations of pseudoscience and/or belief that events happen by chance a belief that the problem is too large, complex and costly for individuals to deal with alone. Unlike sociodemographic characteristics, these thought processes may more open to targeted public messaging,” according to The Conversation website.

Another article on The Conversation website surmised, “Why do people still think climate change isn’t real? At its heart, climate change denial is a conflict between facts and values. People deny the climate crisis because, to them, it just feels wrong…Denial happens when climate science rubs us up the wrong way.” 

Here we go. Conservatives are being blamed for standing up to the global climate crisis cult. And we are labeled as “deniers” instead of people that disagree with global warming, carbon emission, and catastrophic climate change. 

“But the strongest predictor is one’s politics. An international synthesis of existing studies found that values, ideologies and political allegiances overshadowed other factors. In Western societies, political affiliation is the key factor, with conservative voters more likely to discount climate change. Globally, a person’s commitment to democratic values – or not in the case of deniers – is more significant,” the article added. 

So, citizens that hold an opposite opinion are being attacked based not only on mental health status, but due to differing political views. 

“This sheds light on another side of the story. Psychology can contribute to explaining a person’s politics, but politics cannot be entirely explained by psychology. So too for denial…Undoing denial. In sum, denial is repressed knowledge. For climate change, this repression occurs at both the psychological level and social level, with the latter providing fodder for the former,” the article continued. 

The climate czars want to change our views. And just how will they go about changing our beliefs? Through propaganda, peer pressure or prison. The mainstream media mafia is onboard with spewing climate fabrication and discrediting correct information and knowledge. 

“Similarly, in the US context, appealing to conservative values like patriotism, obeying authority and defending the purity of nature can encourage conservatives to support pro-environmental actions,” the article surmised.  

Will conservatives become criminal targets for intervention by the “climate thought police?” Of course, there are liberals that disagree with the global warming ruse, but will they be pressured by radical Left Democrats into accepting climate falsehoods? Well, you can’t change facts. 

Other articles in The Conservation that make accusations against people of differing viewpoints: 

“Why are climate change skeptics often right-wing conservatives?” 

The author stated, “Or, we can provide information on peer group norms to shift attention, since people may have incorrect beliefs of how their peers view a controversial issue.” 

So, the climate cultists will use peer pressure to try to change viewpoints of those who disagree with their views. Turn citizens against each other – a tactic of dictators.  

“Why some conservatives are blind to climate change?” The author asserted, “As psychology researchers, we wondered whether some people are just blind to cues of climate risk.” 

Folks, at the beginning of this column I was chuckling. But as I took a deeper dive, I became concerned. A group of persons with a differing view is being identified and labeled as the enemy. This will allow those in power to make legislation and policies to target a specific group.  

Please peruse my other columns on the climate crisis hoax in The Published Reporter. Examine the resources, articles, books and use critical thinking skills to come to your own conclusions.  

Citizens, unite. 


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