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What Are the Best Disposable Vapes Available In 2022?

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Without a doubt the disposable vape device now forms a substantial part of the vaping industry and is especially popular with first-time switchers, casual vapers, and anyone else new to vaping. Their low-cost, simple design and complete lack of maintenance make them a superb introductory device for those looking to give up smoking. With this in mind virtually all vaping manufacturers have jumped at the chance to produce their own disposable devices with a view to securing a piece of the disposable pie. This gives the disposable user an inexhaustible and sometimes confusing range of choice when it comes to picking which disposable vape to use.

Great For All Situations

The design of the disposable vape device is a crucial characteristic when looking into its popularity, it’s ease of use, size and low cost all combine to make them the perfect solution. Among the situations in which the disposable vape lends itself to are –

  • When starting vaping, having given up smoking.
  • Indiscreet settings such as at work.
  • When travelling or commuting.
  • As a backup to a vaper’s primary device.
  • On a daytrip or night out when you do not want to carry very much.
  • Casual vapers who do want or need a permanent device.

The disposable vape really is a great all-rounder for everyone looking for dependable simple vape.

Ten Great Options

I would now like to use this short piece to take away the guesswork and give you ten great options when you come to choose your next disposable vape. So, in no particular order –

  • Elf Bar – This best-selling disposable features a superb range of 33 flavours and a device capable of delivering up to 600 puffs per device.
  • Geek Bar – This worthy option is lightweight and stylish and has over 37 flavours to choose from, it delivers up to 575 puffs per unit.
  • Fantasi Bar – Perfect for beginners the simple MTL action delivers a minimum of 600 puffs which is around two packets of cigarettes.
  • Lost Mary – These disposables are often a small design for those who want a compact disposable and their varied range of 23 flavours deliver around 600 puffs per device.
  • Crystal Bar – This very sleekly designed disposable is ideal for vapers on the go who want a pocket-sized vape, its 27 different options deliver the standard 600 puffs.
  • Dinner Lady – Classically designed using their famous vape pen design, this disposable comes in 11 traditional flavours and gives the vaper 400 puffs per unit.
  • Aroma King – These easy-to-use disposables are recommended for both new and seasoned vapers, the 20 different flavour options deliver 600 puffs.
  • Elux – The compact design of this beginner friendly disposable is ideal for busy vapers who want a pocket-sized vape, the 37 flavours all give 600 puffs per device.
  • IVG Plus Bar – This disposable from vaping heavyweights IVG is a straightforward device which is available in 19 different flavours and features a 600-puff count.
  • Vapes Bars Ghost 800 – This disposable comes in some unique flavours and offers an above average 650 puff per unit.

So, there we are ten great options featuring over two hundred different flavour options which should keep you busy for a good while. Give one a try today.

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