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Where Can You Get Vaccines?

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Vaccines prevent serious diseases like measles, hepatitis and pneumonia by:  Protecting us from getting sick and spreading our sickness to others  Building herd immunity, which is when a large portion of a community becomes immune to a disease, which slows down how quickly it spreads.  Protecting people who are too sick, young or old to be vaccinated or have weakened immune systems   Did you know your healthcare provideru2019s (HCP) office is just one of many places where you can get vaccines? You can also visit a:  Pharmacy  Many local pharmacies, including those inside your favorite grocery store, offer most of the vaccines recommended for adults.   Walk-in pharmacy clinic  Some pharmacies have clinics where you can be seen by an HCP without an appointment. These clinics often offer a full range of vaccines, including vaccines for children under 3 who may be too young to get vaccines at a regular pharmacy.   Public health department  Some state and local health departments offer free or low-cost vaccines. Check with your local department to find out if you can get them there or to get information about where you can.   Federal health center  Health centers run by the federal government offer many healthcare services u2014 including vaccines u2014 to people with or without insurance.   Travel clinic  When a trip requires vaccines that may not be available everywhere, a travel clinic is a good option. The International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM) can help you find one near you.    Getting vaccinated could be as easy as a trip to the grocery store!   Before you go, call ahead to ask:  Do they have the vaccines you need in stock?  Do you need an appointment?  Is there a cost?    Paying for vaccines  Insurance often covers most vaccines.   If you donu2019t have insurance, you probably qualify for free or low-cost vaccines. Your local health department can help you figure out where to go.  Federal and state programs give free vaccines to children, including back-to-school vaccines.    Vaccines for children  Your school nurse can help you get your children vaccinated for free if they donu2019t have a pediatrician.   Many communities offer free back-to-school immunization clinics.  Not sure which vaccines your children need for school? The CDC offers a guide to getting them caught up.   Finding a Covid vaccine   People of all ages can now get a Covid vaccine. To find one:  Text your zip code to 438829 Visit Vaccines.gov Call 1-800-232-0233  Did you know? You can get your Covid-19 vaccine or booster at the same time as other vaccines.       This resource was created with support from Merck.

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