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Freelance University is designed to help you build a foundation for your freelance business, whether you want to write, design, or manage social media.

Their courses will teach you everything you need to know about freelancing, from finding clients and setting rates to creating a portfolio and dealing with taxes.

We’ve taken the time to review all of Freelance University’s courses and see if they’re up to snuff to really help you get on track with starting a business.

Our reviews are honest and unbiased, and we only recommend courses that we think will help you become a better freelancer- and we think this one is a keeper!

Keep reading our Freelance University review to find out more.

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Freelance University Review

Freelance University is an online learning platform founded by Craig and Kelly Cannings. It was formerly known as VA Classroom and was started in 2008.

Freelance University offers a variety of courses that can help you build your business, find new clients, and increase your income.

We particularly like that the courses are self-paced and that you can access them anywhere. The courses are presented in video format with downloadable handouts that you can print out.

The coursework is flexible, so you can work at your own pace and complete the assignments when convenient.

But let’s get into the nitty-gritty of who benefits from using Freelance University and what you get with the platform:

Who Uses Freelance University?

People have various reasons for joining Freelance University.

Newbie and veteran freelancers join because some may just be starting a freelance career while others may need help taking their business to the next level.

Here’s just a short list of who would benefit from using Freelance University:

New Side Hustlers

Freelance University is an excellent resource for newbie side hustlers looking to start their own freelance businesses. The learning platform offers a variety of courses on topics ranging from being a freelance writer to an online business. 

Additionally, the community of Freelance University is full of helpful and supportive members who are happy to offer advice and feedback, making it an ideal place to learn from others who have gone before you and to get started on your freelance journey.

New freelancers/entrepreneurs

Knowing where to start when you’re looking to get into freelancing and have virtually no training can be challenging.

Thankfully, Freelance University offers a range of training programs that can help you get started as a new freelancer or business entrepreneur.

The online learning platform available at Freelance University covers everything from the basics of freelancing to more advanced topics about setting up an online business, like setting rates and dealing with clients.

Freelancers Looking for more

Freelance University offers a wealth of information for freelancers looking to improve their freelance business skills.

From learning how to manage projects and time to hiring a team of virtual assistants and growing their online business, Freelance University has it all for online professionals.


freelance university cost

Workshop: FREE

Annual Cost: $497 (normally $597!)

Monthly Cost: $59 per month ($708 per year)

Freelance University is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs and freelancers. The $497 price tag may seem steep, but is Freelance University worth the investment? Yes!

The monthly payment option is only $59, which is affordable on most budgets. And you can cancel at any time if you no longer need their services.

Student Support

Freelance University provides a wealth of student support, from expert mentors to a supportive Facebook community.

In the Facebook group, students can access monthly live videos, called Facebook Friday LIVE, and archived videos from past sessions. This is an excellent place for students to get help with anything from WordPress updates to freelance questions.

The mentors are available through tagging to respond to comments and answer questions. If they don’t have the information you need, they go above and beyond to point you in the right direction.

The private Facebook group is also great for students to build a community of like-minded people and celebrate victories together.

Course Curriculum

Freelance University is a massive course that provides a lot of information to help you in your freelancing journey and help you develop many in-demand skills in today’s workforce.

The course is divided into three main sections:

Freelance Foundations – This section covers the basics of starting a freelance business. You’ll learn to find clients, manage projects, and invoice clients.

Certification Training – In this section, you’ll find seven certification courses that will teach you everything from social media management to writing and editing.


Workshops – The workshops section is divided into three parts: business, client, and skills. You’ll learn everything from time management, networking, selling your services, and legal and productivity tips. They also offer monthly skills workshops.


In addition to the three main sections, Freelance University also offers a Technology Lab, where you can learn about different applications that will help your business.

Here is a more in-depth breakdown of the Freelance University sections:

Freelance Foundations

This section will help you understand how to start your own business. It is divided into 11 steps, each with its lessons.

It covers topics such as how to brand yourself in online businesses, what services to offer, how to price your services, and where to find clients.

Here are the 11 different steps of Freelance 101:

  • Start Here
  • Step 1: Develop an Entrepreneur’s Mindset – Divided into 5 lessons
  • Step 2: Define Your Big Why – Divided into 3 lessons
  • Step 3: Select a Profitable Niche – Divided into 8 lessons
  • Step 4: Build Your Personal Brand – Divided into 4 lessons
  • Step 5: Build Your Online Presence – Divided into 6 lessons
  • Step 6: Set Up Your Business Structure and Office – Divided into 4 lessons
  • Step 7: Price and Package Your Services – Divided into 4 lessons
  • Step 8: Build Your Success Network – Divided into 3 lessons
  • Step 9: Find Your Ideal Client – Divided into 5 lessons
  • Step 10: Build Your Productivity System – Divided into 7 lessons
  • Step 11: Next Steps – Orientation checklist and course catalog

Certification Training

The industry-leading certification programs are divided into seven sections specialized for different freelancing online businesses, like social media content creation and online content.

The training track focuses on topics such as:

Social Media Manager

  • Instagram Marketing Specialist – 7 Modules
  • Social Media Management – 6 Modules
  • Online Community Management – 9 Lessons
  • Facebook Marketing Specialist – 6 Modules
  • LinkedIn Marketing Specialist – 6 Modules
  • Pinterest Marketing Specialist – 7 Modules
  • Facebook Advertising – 7 Modules
  • Canva Specialist – 6 Modules

Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Digital Marketing Management – 6 Modules
  • Keyword Research and SEO – 6 Modules
  • Product Launch Manager (online sales pages) – 7 Modules
  • Digital Marketing Funnels & Automation – 9 Lessons
  • Digital PR Specialist – 7 Lessons
  • YouTube & Video Marketing – 7 Lessons
  • Digital Research Skills – 7 Lessons
  • Content Marketing Mastery – 5 Lessons


  • Writing Foundations – 9 lessons
  • Copywriting – 8 lessons
  • Blogging – 8 lessons
  • Email Writing – 9 lessons
  • SEO Content Writing – 12 lessons
  • Website Writing – 10 lessons
  • Proofreading – 11 lessons

Virtual Assistant

  • Virtual Assistant Foundations – 6 modules
  • Become an Executive VA – 6 lessons
  • Email & Calendar Management – 11 lessons
  • Virtual Project Manager – 9 modules
  • Virtual Customer Support – 6 lessons
  • CRM Systems & Support – 12 lessons
  • Virtual Bookkeeping – 9 modules
  • Digital Research Skills – 7 lessons

Online Business Manager

  • Online Business Management – 9 modules
  • Virtual Project Manager – 9 modules
  • Business Processes & Systems – 7 modules
  • Virtual Bookkeeping – 9 modules
  • Team Building & Management – 6 lessons

Virtual Event & Media Manager

  • Virtual Event Manager – 7 modules
  • Online Course Creation & Management – 5 modules
  • Digital Content Manager – 12 modules
  • Multimedia Editing & Production – 11 modules
  • Online Video Production – 4 lessons and 4 tutorials
  • Podcast Production Specialist – 13 modules
  • Virtual Meetings with Zoom – 4 modules

WordPress Specialist

  • WordPress Fundamentals – 6 modules
  • WordPress Security – 26 lessons
  • WordPress Design – 7 lessons
  • WordPress Maintenance – 20 lessons


Business Foundations Courses

  • Business Planning Success – Coming soon
  • Design Your Brand Identity – Coming soon
  • Building Your Team with Subcontractors – 6 lessons
  • Business Strategy and Planning – 8 lessons
  • The Freelancer’s Toolbox – 8 lessons
  • Self-care for Freelancers – 9 lessons
  • Building a Consulting Service – 9 lessons
  • Pricing Your Freelance Services – 10 lessons
  • Protecting Your Freelance Business – 8 lessons
  • The Entrepreneur’s Mindset – 7 lessons
  • Productivity Power – 6 parts
  • Personal Brand Success – 11 parts
  • Business Management Day-by-Day – 6 lessons

Technology Lab Courses

  • Shopify
  • ConvertKit
  • Slack
  • Lastpass
  • Clickup
  • Later
  • Dropbox
  • Calendly
  • Toggl
  • Loom
  • Trello
  • Teachable
  • Honeybook
  • Kajabi
  • Zapier
  • Asana
  • Squarespace
  • Mailchimp
  • Adobe
  • Woocommerce

Live Training

  • Virtual Office Hours 
  • Facebook Fridays
  • Virtual Skills Summit

Course Instructors

Craig Cannings, the co-creator and Chief Learning Officer at Freelance University, teaches most of the courses. He’s fantastic at sharing complex topics with his listener-friendly style and humor-infused lectures.

Craig is the primary trainer, but other instructors are included based on the needs of different industries and the areas in which those instructors have expertise.

Job Board

Once you sign up for Freelance University, you can access the Job Board on the course platform to find jobs that fit your new in-demand skills!

The Job Board connects you with businesses looking to hire part-time and full-time digital nomads for various positions.

There are currently job postings in the following industries:

  • Virtual Assistants
  • Virtual Bookkeepers
  • Social Media Managers

Educational Resources


While waiting for Freelance University to open, you can listen to Podcasts that will help you understand how to freelance, build a personal brand, and be productive.

They also have a blog that has informational blog posts on topics related to freelancing, productivity, and business.

Additionally, they offer a free email course on how to start freelancing. They give you a FREE 60-page guide to starting a freelancing business.

Freelance University Review Pros & Cons


  • Offers industry-leading certification programs
  • Holds monthly workshops
  • Pre-recorded, self-paced lessons
  • Office hours are held where you can ask the host questions directly
  • Courses give in-depth information- and on multiple freelance jobs
  • You can join a private Facebook group for course members
  • You can pay monthly and cancel at any time
  • Many free downloads and PDFs to continue learning
  • Student success interviews are available


  • Courses are not free- the Universtity is a paid service, though it offers a free workshop
  • Options are great, but if you’re not sure about freelancing or what you want to do, the courses may overwhelm you
  • Lots of content takes time and watching- but if you only watch and don’t provide actions, your business won’t get off the ground
  • Pre-recorded lessons are less expensive but don’t provide as much feedback or direction to your specific needs- you’d need the office hours to get a more tailored experience

Freelance University Alternatives

Freelance University offers extensive freelancing, business, and marketing courses that help develop in-demand skills. How does its digital content management program compare to other programs?

To know whether it is worth it or not, we need to compare other courses that offer similar content about starting a freelance writing business.

Other online academies that teach freelancing and business skills like online event management and content creation and management include:

  1. Skillshare – With a monthly subscription, Skillshare offers access to over 18,000 classes on various subjects, from business and marketing to design and photography.
  2. Udemy They have a wide range of business, marketing, and freelancing courses to help the freelancer develop a successful business.

Here are some courses you may want to take to learn about starting a freelance writing business:

Freelance Writers Den

freelance writers den

Cost: $40 per month

The Freelance Writers Den is the perfect resource for freelance writers looking to take their careers to the next level.

Founded in 2011 by Carol Tice, a successful freelancer for more than 15 years, the Den offers online courses, group coaching calls, an extensive job board, and an annual live event.

With more than 300 hours of resources and an actively-updated calendar of live events, the Den is a one-stop-shop for all your freelance writing needs.

And with four-week-long eCourses taught by industry experts, you can be sure you’re getting the best education possible.

But the Freelance Writers Den is more than just a resource – it’s a community. The ability to connect with other freelancers working to meet their goals is invaluable on a fundamental level.

The Freelance Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to Freelancing

Cost: Free Trial

Skillshare’s course “The Freelance Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to Freelancing” is another useful option for freelance writers to take their writing skills to the next level.

Taught by Lindsay Marsh, a freelancer with 12+ years of experience working with clients, this nearly six-hour online course covers everything you need to know about freelancing.

While the course is geared towards creatives like designers, illustrators, and photographers, any current or prospective freelancer can benefit from it.

You can learn to set goals, brand yourself, price your services, and deal with clients. You’ll also learn how to build a solid portfolio to grow a thriving freelance business and learn online management of your finances as a freelancer.

And with more than 50 pages of written content included, you’ll have plenty of resources to reference as you work on growing your freelance business.

Fiverr Freelancing

Cost: Free Trial

Start making real money from your Fiverr gigs today with this step-by-step course from top freelancer Alex Genadinik. Fiverr Freelancing 2022: Sell Fiverr Gigs Like The Top 1% is an Udemy course that promises to help you sell Fiverr gigs and make money.

With over 10 years of experience in business, entrepreneurship, SEO, marketing, and more, Alex is the perfect mentor to help you start earning top dollar on Fiverr.

In this course, you’ll learn how to develop in-demand skills to help you succeed as a freelance entrepreneur. Plus, you’ll learn how to sell extra services to your clients, like online presentations, engaging blog posts, website content creation, and social media marketing.

The course comes with 4.5 hours of on-demand video, 4 articles, 17 downloadable resources, access on mobile and TV, and a certificate of completion.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to develop in-demand skills and become a freelancing entrepreneur!

Key Takeaways

Our final opinion – Freelance University is a course we highly recommend to anyone looking to start a freelance business. In our eyes, it’s 100% worth the price if you want to learn the right skills as a freelancer and get a real business started.

Freelance University is an excellent option if you’re looking for a comprehensive course to teach you everything you need to know about freelancing, with specifics on a few niches like virtual assistants, bookkeeping, and more.

Craig and Kelly Cannings have created a massive course broken down into manageable sections so you can learn at your own pace. And, if you ever get stuck, the office hours are there to clear up confusion.

The instructors are experienced freelancers eager to share their knowledge, and the community is supportive and helpful.

All these reasons made it the right pick for us- so we hope our review showed you that Freelance University is worth taking to start a serious freelance business!

FREE Workshop

Freelance University


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